“DeployAI” as an AI booster: Europe gets a new technology platform

Beim DeployAI-Kick-off in Berlin kamen Vertreter:innen der 26 Projektpartner aus ganz Europa zusammen. © Bundesverband Künstliche Intelligenz
DeployAI - Europe gets a new AI platform © Bundesverband Künstliche Intelligenz
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DeployAI is a Commission-funded flagship project that promises more intelligent AI solutions for Europe. The new project is part of the European Commission’s AI innovation package, which includes investments of €4 billion to deploy generative AI. DeployAI, intended as a kind of European booster for artificial intelligence, is intended to make the new technology more accessible to industry, authorities, and science. DeployAI is coordinated by the German Fraunhofer Institute IAIS.

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€28 million from the European Commission

Within the next four years, AI solutions will be made available to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), authorities, and scientists across Europe. Behind this is a consortium of a total of 28 participating institutes, associations, and companies from 13 European countries, but not only. The European Commission is also funding the flagship project with €28 million and assigns it to the “Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Excellence” department. The various consortium participants are intended to bring together various skills and resources.

DeployAI goal: Access to cutting-edge AI technology

All players involved want to create an AI platform for industry and the public sector, based on trust, ethics, and transparency, according to It should also focus on “fair and democratic” access to cutting-edge AI technology developed in Europe – including generative AI and large language models. The aim is to provide a comprehensive, manufacturer-independent offering and stimulate innovations independent of established solutions from the USA. It was announced that DeployAI would be used to create an AI-on-demand platform (AIoDP) that includes matchmaking services and an interactive landscape tool. The project will also play an important role in the GenAI4EU initiative and support the so-called AI factories that bring together the “raw materials” for AI: computing power, data, algorithms, and talent. Both are part of the European Commission’s AI innovation package.

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Who is DeployAI aimed at?

DeployAI is primarily aimed at actors from the SME landscape and public institutions. In addition, AI developers, consultants, managers, and other specialists from industry and the public sector are addressed. The 26 partners belonging to the consortium include the KI-Bundesverband based in Berlin, the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA in Greece, the European Center for medium-range Weather Forecast from the United Kingdom, the Swedish Örebro University, the Italian Bruno -Kessler Institute, the Hub France IA, the Finnish IT Center for Science CSC and the Technical University of Denmark. Seven partners come from Germany.


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