Emil Shekerdzhiiski, Founder of Premium Coworking Spaces: Bulgarian Startup Ecosystem

Meet Emil Shekerdzhiiski, the founder of Premium Coworking Spaces and a driving force in the development of the Bulgarian startup ecosystem.

Coming from the rapidly growing innovation hub in Israel, three years ago Emil saw the potential in the Bulgarian startup ecosystem and decided to move to Sofia and share his know-how and experience with the local entrepreneurs.

With 7 different locations across Bulgaria, the coworking spaces led by Emil have become mini-incubators for innovative ideas, new projects, and successful startups. Networking Premium attracts entrepreneurs from the entire country, building up a stable network of dedicated and bright-minded people.

“The entire ecosystem is led by a small hand of people. And we, the coworking spaces, are quite the tools for this to happen. We unite everything, we aggregate, we combine people, we make them feel good and give them an opportunity to help each other,” shares Emil.

The passion of Emil and his willingness to support and nurture the local innovation community transformed traditional workspaces into a catalyzer where startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals can quickly reach to each other, collaborate, and find solutions. And this is the key to a growing and improving startup ecosystem.

“I want to remove the shininess out of working in a startup. It is not that blissful moment that you think it might be. It is hard work with many failures,” highlights Emil.

Who knows, maybe the first Bulgarian unicorn would be born indeed under the guardianship of Emil in one of the Premium Coworking Spaces.