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Lubomila Jordanova Who Does Not Believe in Plan B for the Planet

Lubomila Jordanova, founder of Plan A, a data driven platform that aims to channel capital to environmental causes
Lubomila Jordanova, founder of Plan A, a data driven platform that aims to channel capital to environmental causes
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Lubomila Jordanova has just won an important recognition – her venture called Plan A is one of the three companies selected among 1000 applicants at the WeWork Creator Awards in Berlin. She pitched the project in front of an audience of 2500 and was selected to go to the next round and will be pitching in New York in December.

What does it mean

Plan A was started in 2016 as a data-driven platform, which contributes to the fight against climate change. The company uses data to predict where and why climate change will hit the hardest and then based on these insights crowdfunded capital is channeled to environmental organizations and innovators that solve these issues. In the past several months the Berlin-based company has mobilized over 3000 participants to contribute to  diverse actions. The new platfrom of Plan A will be online mid December.

Creator Awards is an initiative of WeWork, the largest co-working space network globally, and it aims to support business ventures, but also artists and nonprofit organizations. The initiative is designed for mission-driven founders and performers.

Besides recognition the winners have also a financial incentive – artists and nonprofits receive cash prizes of up to $130K, while entrepreneurs, startups, and other for-profit companies receive up to $360K in Simple Agreement for Future Equity structure Investment from WeWork.

In short, it all means impactful businesses and initiatives are on the rise and they are no longer seen as charity and CSR.

A Gamechanger

Lubomila is a Bulgarian social entrepreneur based in Berlin. Prior to the shocking event during a Marokko vacation when she started collecting garbage on the beach and soon came up with a plan to do it on a larger scale, Plan A, she worked in finance and fintech in Europe and Asia. In December 2017 she was recognized as one of the Top 100 People to Watch in 2018 in Germany by the magazine Business Punk, and it seems that whoever put the list together had a right feeling.

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