After the exit

After the exit: mySugr founders reward employees with over one million Euro

a special culture lead to the high bonus for the employees. ©mySugr_Manuel Gruber
a special culture lead to the high bonus for the employees. ©mySugr_Manuel Gruber

It is a unparalleled move in the Austrian startup scene. Immediately following mySugr’s deal with Roche – the Swiss pharma giant bought 100% of the Austrian startup for an estimated €80 million – the founders of mySugr decided to reward the loyalty of their staff with a big dollop of cash. The 47 employees will receive a share of more than one million euro, disbursed according to how long they have been working for the company.

Remarkable step

This step is remarkable by itself, but it also points to mySugr’s special management culture. A clause in the deal with Roche, for instance, stipulates that mySugr can keep its operational autonomy as well as its headquarters in Vienna, thus also safeguarding the positions of current employees. We talked to co-founder Gerald Stangl and head of marketing Julia Alunovic about this unique management approach, more about that in the German version of this article.


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