Romanian edutech Kinderpedia raised €1.8M to continue digital transformation of education

The founders of Kinderpedia. © Kinderpedia

The digital education platform Kinderpedia attracted €1.8 million in funding from the Early Game Ventures (EGV) investment fund. Other investors and business angels such as RocaX, Growceanu also joined in the round.

Kinderpedia is an innovative platform for education, which provides the entire digital infrastructure needed for educational institutions to work smart and communicate efficiently, both in the classroom and online. The platform offers a complete digital communication and management solution for schools and kindergartens in over 15 languages, including English, German, Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, French, Italian, Spanish, Po rtuguese, and Dutch. Some of the services provided by Kinderpedia are:

  • free remote video teaching
  • daily attendance reports and grade books
  • secure and personalized document sharing

With the growing number of schools and educational institutions that use e-learning, the need for tools and management services that could ease the process is skyrocketing. This, however, is not an easy job due to the controversial opinions on remote learning. Currently, Kinderpedia enjoys over 200.000 users with more than 2.000 schools and kindergartens across 14 countries are registered on the platform.

© Kinderpedia

Kinderpedia brings together schools, teachers, and parents on the same platform. Founders Daniel Rogoz, Evelina Necula, and Valentin Ilea share that the tool helps teachers and educators save 6 to 9 hours a week of administrative time and focus their efforts on a personalized educational act. Meanwhile, it assists parents to keep track of their children’s development.

“The current round of funding helps us to continue the transformation we started in education by simplifying the administrative processes in schools and kindergartens and placing the teacher-student-parent partnership right at the heart of the educational activity. At the same time, it provides us with the resources to continue the scaling process, now that Kinderpedia is already benefiting from validation on several international markets,” said Daniel Rogoz, CEO and co-founder of Kinderpedia.

Kinderpedia is hosted in the cloud and works as a native mobile application for Android and iOS. In recent years, the solution has received widespread recognition for its innovative nature and social impact, both at national and European levels. In March 2020, the company received an award for “Innovator of the Year” by Business Review Awards.

“The pandemic has shown that in the field of education there is an acute need for technological solutions,” said Radu Stoicoviciu, EGV Partner. “Education is one of the vital systems of any state, with fundamental long-term importance and an enormous impact at all levels of society. The development of digital infrastructure for education has a huge stake and should be a top priority. This is the way in which our investment fund analyzed this transaction and, from this perspective, EGV’s investment in Kinderpedia is part of our thesis ‘Infrastructure for innovation’ “, he adds.

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