THE BIG RESET: The Long-Term Value of Innovation in Times of Crisis

During the online conference The Big Reset: From A Crisis Mode to Entrepreneurial Mindset, we have discussed what are the new business models that will change the game for startups, for corporations, social enterprises?

Disruptive innovation normally starts at the lower end of the market. This means that challenging economic times are actually great for starting new game-changing projects as businesses and consumers alike are exploring options to satisfy their needs in a new and more cost-effective manner. It’s an opportunity for companies to embrace new technology and business models and quickly gain an otherwise unattainable competitive advantage.

Some of the world’s most iconic disruptors emerged during a recession – from Walt Disney Productions in 1929 over Microsoft in 1975 to Airbnb in 2008. 

So, should now be the time for corporates to also double down on innovation and create new value for customers and society?

You can listen to: 

  • Stefan Zlatev, Investor, Breakthrough Energy Ventures
  • Miroslav Gechev, CEO & Co-founder, Develiot
  • Stefan Atanassov, Chief Product Officer, ProSiebenSat.1
  • Ivailo Ivanov, Director of Product Management, Leanplum
  • Eric Dumas, CTO & General Manager Bulgaria, Smule

Irina Obushtarova, managing director of Trending Topics SEE is asking:

➡️ How optimistic are you about such an outlook, and if you are optimistic, how do you see your role in this transition process?  

➡️ How would you define innovation and where should it fall in the organizational structure of an established company?

➡️ How did the ongoing pandemic affect your business (Apart from working remotely?) 

➡️ If right now, in May 2020, (assuming the quarantine is over tomorrow) if you could start a new business from scratch, would you do it? Why/ why not?