Newsrooms.AI goes to London! We are presenting at the MINDS Conference

Newsrooms.AI will be presented at the MINDS Conference in London. © Canva / Trending Topics
Startup Interviewer: Gib uns dein erstes AI Interview Startup Interviewer: Gib uns dein erstes AI Interview

The first major appearance for Newsrooms.AI, the AI ​​spin-off from Trending Topics, abroad is coming up: We are invited to the big MINDS Conference in London, with representatives from leading news agencies from all over the world to be able to present our AI-driven solutions for digital publishing and content production. The conference will take place in London at the famous Canary Wharf at the legendary news agency Reuters.

As at the MINDS conference, artificial intelligence and its use will be the focus of our discussions. The application of AI in newsroom operations, the responsible use of generative AI tools, and the externalities these tools create in terms of trust and verification of news lead us to the following questions: How is AI changing our newsrooms? What does AI mean for the future of news organizations? Are there new sources of income that need to be developed? What ethical and transparent framework conditions need to be created?” say the organizers.

Newsrooms.AI: Trending Topics launches AI-driven MediaTech

Major news outlets and AI future in focus

These are all big questions for the media industry and we offer our answer to them with Newsrooms.AI. The AI tool ​​created by Trending Topics is integrated into the daily workflow of the editorial team and can not only summarize press releases in the style of the author, translate text, or transcribe podcasts and audio interviews, but can now even conduct interviews. We recently launched the Startup Interviewer, which founders can use for free.

The MINDS Conference is organized by the Minds Media Innovation Network, which includes the largest and most important news agencies in the world, including Reuters, dpa, AFP, AP, APA, Keystone-SDA, and many others.

We think we have a very exciting software solution for media agencies and their customers. Newsrooms.AI uses the latest Large Language Models (LLMs) in a meaningful and innovative way for publishers to increase efficiencies and give employees more time to focus on the most important activities – like researching stories,” said Jakob Stein Schaden and Bastian Kellhofer, founders of Trending Topics.

See you in London!


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