All in One: The Biggest Developers’ Conference For Non-Tech Topics Comes Back Free and Will Last Two Days

Mitko Vassilev, community manager of DEV.BG © DEV.BG
Mitko Vassilev, community manager of DEV.BG © DEV.BG

Physical, online, or hybrid – it has been months of wondering what should and could be the format of the biggest summer conference for developers – All in One by the IT community DEV.BG. In the end, a decision has been made – All in One will be online, two days long featuring twice more speakers and topics, and for the first time – free of charge.

Under the motto “It’s deadly dangerous to be dumb”, in the traditional style of the DEV.BG community, thousands of people are expected to gather together online to listen to the talks and discussions of 10+ selected big names from the local tech scene. The event will be held on August 28th and 29th and requires registration. “There will be no recordings,” warns community manager Mitko Vassilev. 

Main topics: Personal growth within the tech sector

Managing crises and personal growth are the two big topics around which the team of speakers will build their theses. “We hope to be able to cover the bigger picture and the trends in the tech sector; but also aspects of important topics like teams, relationships, and soft skills. In a nutshell, the focus will be as usually not directly related to technological advancement, but to personal growth within the tech sector,” explains the concept Svetoslav Dimov, the CEO of DEV.BG. 

Surprises in the program

Day 1, the 28th of August is kept secret, and some of the speakers will be announced shortly before the event. Only the names of two of them have been shared so far. Serial entrepreneur and VP Business Development of Devexperts Boris Kolev will be talking about investments for people who, while working in tech, have reached a point where they have enough money and want to invest, but have no ideas and knowledge in what and how. Todor Marinov, the CEO of Strypes, will be talking about his path from a developer to an executive director, personal responsibility, and some soft skills he had to gather along the way. 

On the 29th of August, the second day of the conference, the program starts with the CEO of Chaos Group Peter Mitev, who will share some insights about navigating through crises from his 20 years of tech entrepreneurship experience. The Harvard graduate, serial entrepreneur, and founder of ProViotik Kiril Petkov will share how to turn a crisis into an opportunity. Surprisingly, there will be a doctor at the conference. Alexander Simidchiev, a former director of GlaxoSmithKlein in Canada, and one of the popular expert faces in Bulgaria since the beginning of the pandemic will be talking about pandemics and infodemics. In other words: how to focus on what we really have control over. 

Consultant Ivana Gancheva will be talking about the recently popular term “authentic leadership” and what it actually means in practice. Haralambi Haralambiev, the founder of Tochka 2, will share some know-how about managing the “rotten apple” or the toxic person on the team. Performance coach Velina Getova will be talking about burnouts and strategies to prevent or cure it, especially in social isolation situations. Harmony and zen in tech entrepreneurship, or how to start a business with the right intention in a harmonic organization, but also pay attention to the right things, will share the serial entrepreneur Hristo Neychev. The grand finale of All in One belongs to two former colleagues from Telerik, Vassil Terziev (co-founder and CEO), and Vesko Kolev, who’s currently VP of Product Development at Progress that acquired Telerik. In a very informal fireside chat they will be challenging each other and discussing the 2030 vision or how the software sector can impact the whole economy and society in Bulgaria”.

More speakers and surprises will be announced in the following days.  

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