Anthropic’s ChatGPT challenger “Claude” now works in the EU

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You are now spoiled for choice: ChatGPT, or would you rather Gemini from Google, Pi from Inflection AI, Le Chat from Mistral AI or Copilot from Microsoft? Now there is another chatbot that is fighting for the favor of users – now also in the EU. Because Anthropic has now made its AI assistant “Claude” available in Europe. Previously, use was limited to the USA, Great Britain, and other regions worldwide.

Claude is the latest challenger to a startup run by former OpenAI employees. Anthropic is the OpenAI rival that has so far been endowed with the most money – Google and Amazon alone have already pumped a total of $6 billion into the young Silicon Valley company. Anthropic wants to be the first company that can surpass the current industry standard, GPT-4.

Yesterday Anthropic published its latest LLMs, which collectively go under the name “Claude 3”. In benchmark tests, these should beat OpenAI’s GPT-4 for tasks such as mathematics, coding or general knowledge. This is of course remarkable because no one except Google’s Gemini has managed this so far – and Google’s current AI model also wants to beat Anthropic.

Google Gemini vs. ChatGPT Plus vs. Microsoft Copilot

All European countries are now available

Until now, interested parties in the EU could only access Anthropic’s AI models in the chatbot version via detours (VPN or, but now this is also possible in Austria. So far, however, only in the limited basic version, which runs on the weaker AI model “Claude 3 Sonnet” – the paid version with the strongest Anthropic model “Opus” cannot yet be activated in this country. In addition to Austria, all European markets such as Germany, Spain, France, and Italy are now on the list of supported countries.

The free basic version now available comes with limitations. “If your conversations are relatively short, you can expect to send at least 100 messages every 8 hours, often more depending on Claude’s current capacity,” says Anthropic. “Longer conversations, especially with large attachments, will exhaust your limit more quickly. For example, if you upload a copy of The Great Gatsby, you may only be able to send 20 messages in that conversation in 8 hours because Claude “rereads” the entire conversation, including large attachments, every time he sends a message.

Anthropic wants to score points with better quality and reliability than other language models. That’s why Claude was taught some principles that go hand in hand with the specially designed AI constitution. The principles on which Claude learns include, but are not limited to:


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