Croatia’s first ever center for innovation in tourism opened in city of Opatija

Croatia’s first center for innovation in tourism, the HUBBAZIA business incubator, has just been announced on Friday, July 16th. The center will be located in the Croatian city of Opatija.

The HUBBAZIA center for innovation costs the equivalent of 338,859.47 euros. The project was co-financed by the EU through the European Regional Development Fund.

Goals and objectives

The business incubator has been established with several goals in mind, as stated on HUBBAZIA’s website.

Their main objectives are to promote entrepreneurship and help start-ups get off the ground. This is the reason the project targets start-ups and individuals with the intent of starting a business. 

This, in addition to stimulating regional economic and social development, works perfectly to encourage the youth to start their businesses and to boost the country’s tourism.

Applications are now open

“Today, we are opening the first Centre for Innovation in Tourism in Croatia and only one of several in the world. This project puts Opatija back in the class of the best, a place that Opatija deserves. In the next year, with the funds from the EU, five generations of participants will be co-financed and will have the opportunity to realize their entrepreneurial ideas from the beginning to the finalization,” said Tomislav Lesinger, head of HABBUZIA.

The city of Opatija is inviting everyone with creative ideas and a want to innovate to sign up for the incubator. The deadline is August 5th.

Candidates who get accepted will be given the opportunity to share and develop their ideas with the help of specialists from 6 different areas: product development and business, finance, marketing, sales, web design, and investment. 

During the last month, participants will have their final consultations, which will be followed by “Demo Day,” the day the ideas are shown to the public and potential investors.


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