European investment platform SeedBlink opens a branch in Bulgaria

SeedBlink opens in Bulgaria its first branch outside Romania. The investment platform aims to accelerate its expansion in Europe in 2022.

The European investment platform for tech startups SeedBlink has opened an office in Sofia, Bulgaria, to complement the company’s expansion plans and continue its accelerated growth. This is the first branch of the company outside Romania.

This is more than good news for the Bulgarian and European startup ecosystem since SeedBlink is one of the fastest-growing investing platforms in the region. SeedBlink specializes in sourcing, vetting, financing, and scaling European tech start-ups and aims to shape Europe’s tech future by creating an investment platform that allows investors and founders to access the opportunities, tools, and services of early-stage venture capital.

SeedBlink is a platform specialized exclusively in European tech start-ups, from the pre-seed stage to the B Series. It has attracted 10,000 investors from 50 countries so far. The platform was launched in early 2020 as an equity crowd investing solution, and it now brings together private investment and capital raising by using technology, expertise, and building strong communities.

More than 1,700 startups have been assessed, and 60 of these, from eight countries, have launched rounds of funding on SeedBlink. Among the largest rounds of funding are FlowX with €1.6 million (round of €7.3 million), Dronamics with €950,000 (round of €3 million), and self-listing SeedBlink with €1.1 million (round of €3 million).

Romania’s SeedBlink gets EUR 3m in Series A round, EUR 1.1m come from its own crowdfunding platform

A new chapter in Bulgaria

SeedBlink’s community is at the heart of the platform’s success, along with a rigorous selection of technology Seed to Series B start-ups & their passionate teams. After supporting startups to raise €45 million in the first two years of its launch, SeedBlink aims to accelerate its expansion into Europe in 2022. Led by Angel Hadjiev, the newly appointed Country Manager, the recently opened Sofia office will offer a range of investment instruments and tech startup opportunities and market access solutions to local investors, startups, and partners.

Bulgaria has a rapidly growing reputation as a technology hub in central Europe, with a growing tech ecosystem and visionary investors and startup scene. We are excited to bring our best startup investment know-how to Bulgaria and expand our offering of European tech investment opportunities with accessible tickets, enabling Bulgarians to diversify their portfolios. This is also an opportunity for local startups to launch crowd investing campaigns, be supported by high net-worth individuals, and scale better”, says Andrei Dudoiu, Managing Partner and Co-Founder at SeedBlink. 

Angel Hadjiev, the newly appointed Bulgarian Country Manager, has more than 15 years of international experience in the financial services industry with a focus on M&A, capital raising, and restructuring. Before joining SeedBlink, he was an Assistant Director in Deloitte’s Corporate Finance Department and a Fund Manager at Capital Investments Fund. 

We know how much our investors value local market expertise, so I am delighted that Angel Hadjiev has joined us and will head the newly established branch in Bulgaria”, states Laurențiu Ghenciu, Chief Business Officer at SeedBlink.

Catalyst Romania II invests EUR 1.2m in SeedBlink

Angel Hadjiev said that even though the real work is just beginning, the team already feels proud to have achieved an important milestone in SeedBlink’s growth strategy – the successful campaign of Dronamics at the end of last year. “We are not starting from scratch. We thank Bulgarian private investors, CEO Angels Club Sofia, Eleven VC, LAUNCHub, and Endeavor Bulgaria for their trust and great support they have given us so far”, Angel Hadjiev stated.

Representatives of Eleven Ventures, Dronamics, and Sofia Angel Ventures expressed their enthusiasm regarding Seedblink’s valuable support.

“It is our pleasure to work with SeedBlink’s energetic team, with whom we share the belief in the potential of Eastern European entrepreneurs. Thanks to this partnership, Dronamics’ campaign has successfully reached an international audience of investors”, said Daniel Tomov, Partner at Eleven Ventures.

“As firm believers in the democratization of access to capital and opportunities, we liked the professionalism of the SeedBlink team in particular and the platform they’ve developed. They made it extremely prompt and effortless for us to run our campaign”, stated Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder and CEO at Dronamics.

“SeedBlink is an awesome investment platform democratizing angel investing, making it accessible for a vast chunk of society through the efficiency of technology and smart crowd-targeting”, said Milen Ivanov, founder of Sofia Angels Ventures. 

Spanning the startup investment ecosystem in Bulgaria, the new branch will work with local angel groups, VCs, and private investors to assist their portfolio diversification, deal with both completion and syndicalisation needs, and support local startups in accessing capital and scale support.

Milen Ivanov, Managing Partner at Sofia Angels Ventures: Bulgarian Startup Ecosystem

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