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Fifteen Seconds: How Do Space, Health, AI, Sharks and Startups Belong Together?

©Fifteen Seconds
©Fifteen Seconds

What’s outside the Universe? Why is there tension between people and brands? How important is humor for leadership? Could AI be the future of creativity? What is city 3.0? Bright minds from NASA, Facebook, New York Times, Nike, Twitter, MIT and many more, will try to answer, or at least explore such topics during this years’ edition of Fifteen Seconds, the curiosity festival on June 6-7 in Graz, Austria.

Business, science, mobility, and technology, but also their intersections are the main area of exploration of 300 speakers and another 6000 expected attendees – CEOs, students, founders. Trending Topics supports the event as media partner and will also look for new concepts and ideas on spot.

Eventually, all the dots will connect

What started as a marketing conference back in 2014 in Graz is today a festival that gathers curious minds from various areas. Besides the main stage, this year’s festival will feature six other separate topics – growth, culture, media, science, mobility, technology. Taking a closer look at the program, however, shows that all of those topics converge at the end. Home care multinational Henkel will share insights on boosting corporate creativity, a shark explorer will talk about how media presents science, which are the highs and lows of Mars exploration will share a NASA engineer.

©Fifteen Seconds
©Fifteen Seconds

The list of curious topics seems endless. One thing, however, pops out – this is not another tech&digital conference, but one that seeks for interconnections between different worlds and mindsets – exactly where the innovation is usually born.

The Startup Land

Of course, alongside the established companies and experienced professionals, there’s space for newcomers and young disruptors.  Fifteen Seconds seeks to unite a global community of curious minds, no matter whether it’s students or CEOs. “It’s the mindset of life-long learning and openness that allows us to gain skills and make contacts that enable us to build a self-determined future,” the organizers state.

Not least, the festival features a special startup track – The Startup Land, that features talks, mentoring sessions, networking area, and of course, a pitching contest. The organizers took special care that founders and disruptors will go away with deep insights and fresh ideas by inviting speakers from around the world to tell stories about ground-breaking success and glorious failure on the startup land stage. Challenger bank N26, B2B accelerator Startup Wise Guys, presentation platform Prezi, Skype and others will share the real stories behind the brands and the technological, cultural and management hacks that helped them. To make sure more young founders will find their way to inspiration, Fifteen Seconds has a special price discount for startups under three years.

Regardless of the career path and area, this festival seems to be offering a creativity kick to anyone willing to spend two days in inspirational chats or business networking in beautiful Graz.

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