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Mobility As A Service Is The Second Most Backed Consumer Tech Domain Globally And It’s Just Starting To Grow

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Shared mobility startups have received twice as much venture capital investment as the next biggest consumer vertical – food tech, indicates a recent report published by the intelligence platform Dealroom. The big wave is still coming, say the authors, as the average household still overwhelmingly spends on car ownership: fuel, purchase, maintenance. The car industry is preparing for “peak car” ownership happening in the next five years, substituted by various mobility platforms. The new mapping of all the global players in the Mobility-as-a-Service domain shows there are 22 categories in which different mobility startups find their places and so far €81.8B of venture capital have flown into these ventures. 

Not surprisingly, the biggest category is ride-hailing where startups have raised €52.8B in total, followed by autonomous vehicles with €15.7B of raised capital. The smallest category (at least according to the mapping, which is still in the making) is smart city infrastructure where the authors have managed to find just two companies.



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