Robotics Strategy Forum 2020 – the State of CEE’s Robotics Ecosystem after COVID-19

Robotics Forum 2020

Just as it was expected, the COVID-19 pandemic has so far had a favorable impact on the robotics sector – it has led to more growth opportunities due to the increased demand for automation of essential services. Delivering food, disinfecting facilities, helping doctors perform surgeries, conducting air purification, and transporting medical equipment are some of the innovative solutions which the robotics sector implemented during the past month. 

In order to shine more light on this progress, highlight the good practices and showcase the most interesting robots and automation systems in the CEE region, on the 22nd October, the Professional Association of Robotics and Automation (PARA) will hold Robotics Strategy Forum 2020. The event will take place in a hybrid format, featuring both online discussions with leading experts from the industry as well as a physical expo of the latest innovations in robotics and automation in Sofia Tech Park. The free one-day forum will livestream its online discussions on the Facebook and Youtube pages of PARA and the interested participants will only have to register online in order to attend the lectures and the exhibition. 

Global Automation Trends, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 

After the success of Robotics Strategy Forum 2019 which gathered 200+ public officials, business representatives, and academia, this year’s event will aim to bring the focus on the next challenges and opportunities for the CEE’s robotics sector. Some of the topics which will be discussed are where does Bulgaria stand in terms of automation compared to Romania and Serbia, what kind of technologies are being implemented in “smart factories”, what will be the impact of the upcoming 5G and Wi-Fi 6 disruption, and what is the role of R&D centers in manufacturing. At the beginning of the event, Yonko Chuklev and Kristiyan Mihylov from PARA  will also present and discuss the results of the annual PARA survey on the role of automation in times of the pandemic, in which stakeholders can take part until the 11th October. The target participants and audience of the Forum are engineers from the manufacturing, IT, and management sectors as well as robotics enthusiasts who wish to explore what are the latest regional innovations in robotics and autonomous systems. Trending Topics SEE will support the event by being one of the official media partners. 

Who will speak, sponsor, and promote the event?  

After PARA’s last event in September, Robo Days 2020, when they made the biggest exhibition on educational robotics in Bulgaria, their October event will explore how the sector is developing by gathering leading experts and various stakeholders from the whole CEE region. The goal of the Forum is not only to showcase the best and most recent developments and innovations but also to facilitate more open networking and collaboration between the institutions, businesses, and academia representatives involved in the robotics and automation sector. Among the panelists of the Forum are Alexander Tsonev from Bulpros – the company which in 2019 found a laboratory for innovations in Business Park Sofia, The Executive Director of The Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA), Boyko Takov,  FESTO’s Head of Technical Engineering Center – Georgi Grozdanov, and the CEO of MOS Robotics, Pavel Dimov. 

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