Romanian MedTech startup dotLumen among the winners of the global Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awards and ensures a €50k investment

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The Romanian MedTech startup dotLumen (also .lumen) received €50.000 in seed funding after ranking among the 21 winners of the inaugural round of Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awards, part of the multi-year international competition Healthy Longevity Global Competition.

Originally founded in the US, the Healthy Longevity Global Competition has been running for two years, targeting teams and individuals from diverse backgrounds, including science, medicine, technology, finance, and social sciences. The Competition includes a three-tiered structure of awards: a first phase of Catalyst Awards, a second phase Accelerator Award, and a third Grand Prize phase.

“We are incredibly proud to be awarded the Health Longevity Catalyst Award by the National Academy of Medicine and EIT Health. As one of the rising innovation leaders for assistive technologies, we strive to see the lumen glasses empower as many blind individuals across the globe,” the Romanian startup said in a press release.

The Romanian winner, .lumen, builds glasses that help the blind live a better life. The .lumen headset contains the sensory and feedback systems required to understand the environment and communicate instructions to its user. A set of 5 cameras of varied specifications map out the world. They determine the user’s position, the environment in which it is and perceive contextual information.

As a research startup, the project uses the most advanced technologies in AI, Robotics, and Neuroscience to empower the blind. There are 40 million blind people globally, which is expected to increase to 100 million by 2050. Founded in 2020, dotLumen already has 30 employees.


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