Startup Zeitgeber with a new form of light therapy

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Goood morning! Did you sleep well? How is your internal clock working lately?

Startup Zeitgeber is working on developing a form of light therapy adaptable to your personal biorhythm. The technology is intended to be used as depression prevention and light therapy support.“We create the morning ambiance in the bedroom that gives people the best possible start to the day,” explains Marian Stoschitzky, CEO of Zeitgeber.

Internal clock

Our natural wake-up time is controlled by our internal clock, the circadian rhythm, and three out of ten people, the inner clock is genetically running later than in other people. 

“The morning fight out of bed with early wake-up times is an everyday struggle. Light alarm clocks or sleep phase alarm clocks often help more badly than right, because they do not solve the underlying problem: the body is torn from sleep unnaturally early. In addition to fatigue, this carries an increased risk of metabolic diseases and is a well-known factor behind weight problems. Night owls are also more prone to depression and mood problems in winter,” shares Stoschitzky.

Investing in wellbeing

Zeitgeber is working on helping people wake up in accordance with their circadian rhythms. However, the technology is still being tested. It has been developed with Stanford Professor Jamie Zeitzer, explained the founder. The feedback has been “very promising” and could confirm “an experience that cannot be compared with conventional light alarm clocks”. But who is it actually intended for?

We see employees as the first target group with high-performance demands, whose effectiveness and mood suffer from their standing up problems. We see timers just as valuable for people with winter depression who are looking for a treatment method that is compatible with their everyday life.” Zeitgeber is also suitable for wellbeing lovers and biohackers.

Market launch in 2023

According to the startup, a market launch is planned for 2023. At the moment the team consists of four people, in addition to the aforementioned scientific advisor, Prof. Jamie Zeitzer, one of the leading scientists in the interface of sleep, light, and biorhythm. The product is to be sold directly in the future; the purchase will cost 1,500 euros in the future. “We are currently evaluating additional B2B sales and leasing options,” says Marian Stoschitzky.

Stoschitzky has bigger plans for the future: “We want to break even in five years and have the financing from our own sales with sales to Europe and North America.” “We want to become the brand that you think of when you think about it as being serious about getting up healthy.

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