What Makes Top Talents Choose a Startup Over a Corporate Career or the Other Way Around? Talent Talks Vol.2 Is Almost Here.

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Four panelists will join the 'Impact & Mess vs. Structure & No Stress' discussion this Wednesday - from left to right - Ivelina Petkova, IT Project Manager at Documaster; Thomas Metz, Managing Director at Bosch Engineering Center Sofia; Severina Mitsova, HR Specialist at AtScale; and Victor Danchev, Mission Manager & Physicist at EnduroSat

What makes top talents choose a startup over a corporate career or the other way around? Are there any common factors besides money that play a role in this decision? Is it possible to have a meaningful and impactful job at a big company and is such really stress-free? And, to the opposite side – are startup roles always chaotic and is work-life balance possible in such an environment? 

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“Talent Talks” is a series of events Trending Topics has started to demystify the myths around what the rock stars in the tech sector are actually after. We will be back at Launchee on September 16th at 6:30pm for our second edition – this time in a hybrid form – with a smaller in-person audience and added live streaming on Facebook and YouTube. But nonetheless, we’ll be exploring again what in reality motivates professionals in the Bulgarian technology sector.

During ‘Impact & Mess vs. Structure & No Stress’ our managing director Irina Obushtarova and professionals from both the startup and corporate world will openly talk about the best and worst parts of each one’s environment.

Who will be joining this Wednesday

Ivelina Petkova, IT Project Manager at Documaster

Trending Topics: Which do you love most about your work? 

Ivelina Petkova: I love the variety of topics and diversity of challenges that we face on a daily basis, especially those typical to the startup nature of the company. They fuel my creativity to look for solutions for the ever-changing environment of a small, yet constantly growing organization. I love the teams and the interactions. Working with responsible professionals who give their best to find the most appropriate solution together is more than inspiring. I appreciate the colleagues’ readiness to try out new and non-conventional approaches, which honestly brings me an uttermost pleasure, as I do like to experiment and explore new ways of working. I love to see the sense of true ownership, recognition and purposefulness every day. I love the atmosphere and the coziness. And last but not least – I love the openness and the jokes!

Trending Topics: Which is the biggest challenge for you at work?

Ivelina Petkova: My biggest challenge is probably very similar to those of other small companies – as other startups we deal with limited resources, which means we have to make smart and tough choices on a daily basis and to constantly prioritize and optimize. Some people may call it frugal while I simply perceive it as the only way to meet the market needs. We do have a fair amount of components and products and they do add complexity thus raising the bar when it comes to alignment needs. Still communicating openly and with a clear end goal is what I’ve been after and what I look to share with my colleagues, so that whenever we face the next challenge, be it big or small, we do it in an open manner and ready to rock the floor with the big picture in mind.

Severina Mitsova: Human Resources Specialist at AtScale 

Trending Topics: Which is the biggest challenge for you at work?

Severina Mitsova: I believe there is no doubt that the biggest challenge for every HR specialist is to find the balance between the employer and the employees. That can lead to a lot of struggles. That’s why I am very happy to say that this issue does not exist in AtScale. We are all enjoying a culture of understanding, support and respect. We highly value and appreciate the efforts of every member of our team.  And that makes my job even better and rewarding. I love to see happy people.

Trending Topics: Which do you love most about your work? 

Severina Mitsova: I love that my job gives me the opportunity to meet and communicate with new interesting and “colorful” people every day. In AtScale we have approximately ten interviews per week with people of different backgrounds and industries and we tend to recruit top talents. I believe those meetings can put a new value to our perspective and help us be even better in our job and hire people that best fit our mission.

Victor Danchev: Mission manager & Physicist at EnduroSat

Trending Topics: What do you love most about your work at a startup?  

Victor Danchev: No two days are ever the same, I work in a very dynamic environment full of motivated people from many different backgrounds.

Trending Topics: Which is the biggest challenge for you working at a startup?

Victor: Proper team communication and keeping everyone fixed on their priority tasks at hand.

Thomas Metz: Managing Director at Bosch Engineering Center, Sofia

Trending Topics: Which do you love most about your work?

Thomas Metz: Together with my great colleagues, I shape the future of mobility. With innovative solutions we make the life of people safer and more comfortable.

Trending Topics: Which is the biggest challenge for you at work?

Thomas Metz: Bosch Engineering Center Sofia’s core value is that we are sticking together like a family. Keeping the team strong in times of social-distancing and onboarding our new colleagues is the biggest challenge right now.

Tickets for the event are free but registration is required. You also have the option to support us with a small donation so we can organize even more cool events for the regional innovation ecosystem.

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