The Big Reset: Women in Times of Transformation. Impact with Femininity.

The Bulgarian Center of Women in Technology (BCWT) is organizing a special online dialogue with successful female leaders from corporate, academic, and entrepreneurial backgrounds:

➡️ Milena Doumanova – Director of Global Virtual Sales at Cisco Systems, Eastern Europe, RCIS, Switzerland;

➡️ Rumiana Stoilova – Professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Chair of the Bulgarian Sociological Association;

➡️ Pavlina Desheva – Founder of the web design studio WebDesh &

Host: Irina Altanova – Program Coordinator at BCWT Why do we need to restart the world? On the last day of COVID-19 national emergency, we will analyze how the pandemic has changed the world we live in: our everyday life, business activities, and personal plans have been fundamentally transformed like never before in such a short period of time. Moreover, the situation becomes more complicated due to the digital revolution, lack of professionals in the digital industry, and need to adapt to the rapidly changing world around us. At the same time, half of the global population continues to be underrepresented in the digital industry. The male-dominated environment does not allow to fully embrace and unlock the potential of both women and men. On May 13 we look through the experience and professional path of three female leaders in a bid to find working solutions for restarting the world successfully after COVID-19: how to manage teams remotely, how to adapt to emergency business situations, how to transform business practices in few hours, how to balance between personal and professional life, how to motivate team members in a time of crisis…