This is hilarious: British deepfake uses AI to make Hollywood celebs speak foreign languages

Flawless AI makes Forest Gum speak flawless Japanese;

British startup Flawless, co-founded by director Scott Mann has created a deepfake technology that uses AI algorithms to analyse human mimics to make them match the speech of someone speaking the same lines in a different language, the Wired reported. In a demo, the company shows the transformation of famous phrases by Hollywood celebrities in popular movies.

To start with, the AI captures and analyzes the actor’s lips and facial expression in a scene. Then, a dubbing actor speaks the same lines in a different language. This information is then combined to create a 3D model that merges the actor’s face and head with the lip movements of the dubber. In the end, the final image is pasted onto the actor.

Actor Scott Mann got the idea while watching the foreign version of his latest movie – Heist, featuring Robert De Niro. The director was appalled by how the dubbing ruined the carefully crafted scenes. He says he is currently in discussions with studios on the creation of foreign versions of several movies.

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