COVID-19 travel map

Interactive map shows where you can travel now and under what conditions


Canadian TravelTech company sherpa °, which actually specializes in handling travel papers for its users, has created a new interactive online map showing where you can currently travel and under what circumstances amid the COVID-19 restrictions.

The map uses the user’s location to show where you can currently travel from the country you are based in and under what circumstances.

“Our team’s mission was to deliver a digital solution that closes the information gap with the real-time accuracy travellers need to make informed decisions and travel confidently. This solution is just one part of our larger vision to ease border crossing complexity by making it possible for travelers to obtain requirements, documentation and visas in a single step while they book their travel,” said sherpa ° CEO Max Tremaine.

Millions of data points

In order to keep the map up to date, the Toronto-based company, which was founded in 2015, claims to process millions of data points from thousands of sources, including governments, airlines, airports, tourism associations, public forums, and the media. However, the data is not always up-to-date. “The information is for guidance only and is correct at the time of publication. Always check government websites and airline materials before booking and traveling,” the company warned.

An important function is that you as a user can specify which country you are traveling from and where. From an Austrian point of view, there are different travel options and restrictions in the EU than, for example, for a Mexican traveler who wants to come to a European country.

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