Newsrooms.AI launches software packages for corporates, media & startups

Newsrooms.AI Landing Page. © Trending Topics
Newsrooms.AI Landing Page. © Trending Topics

Connect your content feeds, edit them with the best available AI LLMs, and publish your personalized, SEO-optimized stories for your target group via your digital channels: Newsrooms.AI, the AI ​​spin-off of Trending Topics, is a new, AI-driven SaaS tool that is being launched today. After a year of development and testing with numerous beta users, we can now launch four tailor-made packages for the different needs of our target groups.

We built Newsrooms.AI based on our own needs and use the platform to edit press releases, news, and interviews every day in the Trending Topics editorial department. Newsrooms.AI helps us enormously to save time on repetitive work such as rewriting PR releases or transcribing interviews and to be able to use this time for more important activities,” says Jakob Steinschaden, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Trending Topics. “We now want to pass on these advantages, which we have developed with our own development team, in a bundled SaaS tool.”

Newsrooms.AI is LLM-agnostic. This means that all common AI models can be connected via API, and it is also possible to integrate open-source LLMs that companies run on-premise on their own servers. Companies can also upload their existing content archive to Newsrooms.AI so that the LLMs can imitate the style and language. The data does not end up with OpenAI and Co, but in a vector database on European servers for so-called “Retrieval Augmented Generation” (RAG).

Newsrooms.AI Landing Page. © TrendingTopics

The different offers at a glance*:

Transcribe: 20 euros/month

For everyone who wants to automatically transcribe audio recordings, interviews, podcasts, and much more, and save a lot of time.

  • Always the latest Whisper version
  • 30 transcriptions/month included
  • All common audio file formats are supported
  • All future updates included

Startup: 199 euros/month

Our special offer for startups who want to build their own content newsroom:

  • Always the latest AI models integrated: GPT-4o, Claude 3, Mistral Large, etc.
  • Prompt Editor for all LLMs
  • Prompt sharing with the team
  • 50 articles/month included
  • Headline Generator
  • Trained with more than 15,000 trending topics articles for better results
  • A basic set of RSS feeds

Pro: Price on request

For all companies that need a high output of content per month and want to have AI models written the way they do:

  • All desired LLMs
  • personalized RSS & content APIs
  • 1,000 articles/month
  • 100 transcriptions/month
  • Vector database for your own content
  • Prompt Editor for all LLMs
  • Prompt sharing with the team
  • Headline Generator

Enterprise: Price on request

The master discipline for customized features for whom Pro is not enough and who want to get the most out of today’s AI possibilities in content production:

  • Unlimited Content
  • Content Input Customization & Chatbot Development
  • CMS Integration
  • Open Source LLM
  • On-Premise
  • Team Management
  • White label option

We are currently allocating 50 places for test customers

Anyone interested in the new SaaS tool can currently register for one of 50 exclusive test accounts. Chief Sales Officer Gert Poglin looks forward to your inquiry via email!


*all prices incl. VAT.

Newsrooms.AI: Trending Topics launches AI-driven MediaTech


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