Neobroker: Bitpanda, Smartbroker, Trade Republic & Co in comparison

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Scalable Capital, Trade Republic, Robinhood and, more recently, Bitpanda: the so-called neo-brokers have been springing up like mushrooms in recent months and years. In the meantime, their offerings have grown substantially and keeping track of all things going on can be pretty challenging. To make it easier, we have compared the leading brokers.

Neobrokers: Trading on the go

Not so long ago, anyone who wanted to trade securities had to use a PC – and first learn how it works. We still recommend this today, but the entry barrier for securities trading has become considerably lower: nearly all neo-brokers now offer apps for the most popular smartphone operating systems, so trading happens “on the go” – anytime, anywhere.

Differences & similarities between neobrokers

Of course, there are also differences between the individual providers – for example, their offers and their target group, but above all – the costs and the requirements for opening an account. In addition, Scalable or Trade Republic, for example, offer savings plans, which is even free in the basic version of both providers.  In summary: If you want to trade ETFs through your smartphone, you should think about which platform to use. Here is some help.


On April 21, 2021, the Viennese crypto unicorn Bitpanda also joined the neobroker ranks. At this stage, its ETFs and stock offering is not as extensive as its competition, but Bitpanda lures with investments in partial stocks. Customers can invest from small amounts just one euro.

founding year2014
target groupExisting customers and newcomers to the stock market
Banking licenseOwn license
costsNo fees; spread fee of 0-0.5%
requirementsBitpanda account, deposit of 25 euros
Trading venuesLong & Black
platformDesktop, iOS, Android
Savings planIndividual savings plan through Bitpanda Savings
Deposit insuranceUp to 100,000 euros per investor

Scalable Capital

According to their own statement,  Scalable Capital is “Europe’s leading digital asset management company”. Their license comes from Baader Bank, and there are two trading venues to choose from. There is also a savings plan, as well as deposit insurance.

founding year2014
target groupYoung retail investors
Banking licenseBaader Bank
costsFlat rate of 2.99 euros per month (all trades free of charge) / Free Broker: 0.99 euros per trade
requirementsSEPA account, starting from 25 euros, individual deposits from 250 euros
Trading venuesXetra, Gettex
platformiOS, Android and desktop
Savings planBasic version free of charge, all other 0.99 euros per version
Deposit insuranceUp to 100,000 euros per investor

Smart Broker

Relatively young, Smartbroker relies on a large selection of trading venues and a free savings plan. There is deposit protection, and DAB Bank acts as a license partner.

founding year2019
target groupSmall investors who expect a particularly wide range
Banking licenseDAB bank
costsFour euros for orders under 500 euros, free of charge from 500 euros
requirements Legitimization through PostIdent procedure
Trading venuesGerman stock exchanges, Lang & Schwarz, Tradegate, Quotrix and Xetra
platformNo app, but trading through a smartphone is possible
Savings planNo fees, from 25 euros per execution, execution monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annually possible, over 280 ETFs eligible for savings plan
Deposit insuranceUp to 90 million euros per investor

Trade Republic

The Berliners try to lure customers with favorable conditions. There are free savings plans, no order commissions and several trading venues. Trade Republic has its own banking license.

founding year2015
target groupYoung retail investors
Banking licenseOwn license, supervised by the Bundesbank and Bafin
costsNo order commission, but a flat rate of one euro for third-party costs
requirementsCustomers need a smartphone with iOS or Android, must be of legal age, need a SEPA bank account
Trading venuesLS Exchange, reference market XETRA, HSBC for derivatives
platform iOS, Android
Savings planFree of charge, savings rate from 10 euros
Deposit insuranceUp to 100,000 euros per investor


Justtrade does not offer any savings plans and can currently only be used in Germany. Founded in 2019, Sutor Bank acts as a partner for the license.

founding year2019
target groupSelf-decision makers who do not want advice
Banking licenseSutor Bank
costsNo order fee, but a minimum order volume of 500 euros
requirementsTax domicile in Germany, German citizenship
Trading centerLS Exchange and Quotrix
platformiOS, Android, browser
Savings planNo
Deposit insuranceUp to 1.3 million euros per investor


Information about the fees is quite vague, but Nextmarkets itself makes a fair offer.

founding year2014
target groupPrivate investors
Banking licenseown license
costsno fees
requirementsVideo legitimation, valid ID
Trading centerGettex
platformiOS, Android, browser
Savings plannot yet
Deposit insuranceUp to 20,000 euros per investor


The name does not necessarily create trust, but Gratisbroker  is one of the serious offers on the market. A savings plan is said to be in the planning stage, but it does not exist as yet. There is currently only one trading venue, and the fees are moderate – if the order volume is right. Savings plans should be in the works.

founding year2018
target groupRetail investors
Banking licenseBaader Bank
costsNo fees, but a minimum order volume of 500 euros
requirementsVideo legitimation, valid ID
Trading centerGettex
platformNo app, but can be used via smartphone
Savings planNot yet, but is being planned for the future
Deposit insuranceUp to 100,000 euros per investor

The Austrian version is to be the “Volksbroker”. This designation is probably a little unfortunate, but the offer fits. Savings plans are also available, and there are also sufficient trading venues.

founding year2006
target groupWant to have as broad an audience as possible, according to CEO Frank Niehage, Flatex should become a “people’s broker”
Banking licenseOwn license, Flatex Bank
costsNo account and custody fees, but from 5.90 euros per order
requirementsVideo legitimation
Trading venuesGettex, Xetra, Vienna, Stuttgart Euwax, Frankfurt Certificates AG, Tradegate Exchange
platformDesktop, smartphone, “ CFD2GO” app for iOS and Android
Savings planFrom a minimum amount of 50 euros
Deposit insuranceUp to 100,000 euros per investor


BUX comes from the Netherlands and is the fastest growing neobroker in Europe. Its so-called “zero orders” are free of charge, as are deposits and withdrawals. There are no administration fees either. Only “market orders” and “limit orders” cost one euro.

founding year2014
target group“New generation” of investors
Banking licenseDNB
requirementsSEPA account, open banking
Trading venues
platformiOS, Android and desktop
Savings planNo
Deposit insuranceUp to 100,000 euros per investor


The US broker is known worldwide, but can currently only be used in the USA. It is still unclear whether and when Robinhood will come to Europe.

originUnited States
founding year2013
target groupYoung retail investors
Banking licenseNo
requirementsUS citizenship and US residency
Trading centerL&S Exchange
platformDesktop, iOS, Android
Savings planNo
Deposit insuranceUp to $ 1.25 million per investor

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