RiseTech launches RaBit – a platform for digitalization of business processes

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Romanian company RiseTech recently launched its latest project RaBit, aiming to focus on “goal management” through digitalization, automation of internal processes, and predictability of risk factors. RaBit is an integrated management platform, with multiple functionalities and state-of-the-art technologies, aiming to automate, simplify and streamline the business processes involved in a company’s life.

RaBit stands for “Smart, proactive, visionary”. With a modern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) structure, the RaBit platform is easy to use, and once implemented, it offers real-time control of the business and traceability of all the activities involved. The solution addresses especially SMEs and can be applied to various fields.

The RaBit platform has been designed as an ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies, as it can be easily implemented and customized according to any industry, at affordable costs. For instance, for a company with 2 users, the subscription is only 20 euros per month. This was the goal of the product from the very beginning, to help small and medium companies grow,” said Emanuel Mărcuș, RaBit Founder and CEO of RiseTech company.

The RaBit platform brings new opportunities for companies and provides the stability they need through a better organization and structure of the activities. Some of the key components of the platform are:

  • cloud solution, accessible online for all companies;
  • assists with a variety of tasks such as project management, resource planning, invoicing, cash flow, customer and supplier management, etc;
  • provides customized solutions adapted to the specific needs of a company, offering support, consultancy, and staff training;
  • enables real-time monitoring of business development;
  • helps companies identify risks;
  • reduction of costs.

Today, in order to perform and grow sustainably, companies are more aware of the fact that, besides the technical expertise, they have an acute need for developing modern technologies and solutions in order to help them manage and monitor their business processes. In the medium term and long run, the benefits of technology translate into optimized activities, streamlined costs, and increased profitability in a more competitive business environment,” added Mărcuș,

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