Romanian Global Database aiming to obtain EUR 1.4m in crowdfunding

Co-Founders Nicolae Buldumac and Vitalie Aremescu

The Romanian aggregator of private and public company information Global Database is seeking to amass €1.4 million through the crowdfunding platform SeedBlink, starting August 26. The round is backed by two private investors.

The funds will be used for investing purposes and to hire sales specialists for the US and UK, while in the meantime selling 10% of its stock shares at a price of €17 million.

About Global Database

Global Database collects information from over 120 million companies from all over the world. This information is then used to provide structured and up-to-date data for sales, marketing, and compliance specialists in order to identify business opportunities and avoid risk. 

The data is mostly used by marketing and sales specialists when identifying new customers and is gathered through a combination of official and public sources and partnerships with strategic data providers.

The platform offers public information to over 350,000 users per month and over 100 active corporate clients.

Amazon, Uber, WeWork, and Orange

Global Database was founded in 2015 by Nicolae Buldumac, who has ten years of experience in sales and marketing in the UK and Vitalie Aremescu, from the Republic of Moldova, with 13 years in IT.

Some of the company’s clients include American Express, Dupont, Vodafone, British Council, WWF, Salesforce, SAP, Edendred, 3M, Embassy of Canada, Embassy of Spain, Getty Images, Stanford University, Telepass, Italian Trade Agency, and many others.

Future Plans

The company is planning on launching new tools for marketing and compliance departments, in addition to opening new sales offices in the UK, US, and Singapore.

“By the end of the year, but also in 2022, we believe that there will be a significant increase in the demand for online data in the B2B field as companies start working and want more and more information online. On the other hand, due to the financial unpredictability caused by Covid-19, companies now want more than ever to verify the activity of their partners. In the next five years, we plan to become the world’s largest database about the private and public company to provide information about over 450 million companies,” said Nicolae Buldumac, CEO and Co-founder of Global Database.

We are very excited to bring to the attention of SeedBlink investor community the Global Database investment opportunity. This is the first startup from the Republic of Moldova on our platform, backed by a strong team of visionaries. The business intelligence solution developed by Global Database democratizes access to massive amounts of data, making it simple for anyone to make data-driven decisions, to optimize their user acquisition and revenue with less effort. We will definitely hear a lot from their side in the future”, added Carmen Sebe, CEO of Seedblink.

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