Future of Work

THE BIG RESET: Remote, Digital, Autonomous & Co. What’s The Future of Work?

You are watching the third panel discussion of The Big Reset: From Crisis Mode To Entrepreneurial Mindset. What is the future of work? What lesson did we learn from the remote mode in the last weeks about leadership, productivity, and the skills we need to develop as IT professionals?

All of a sudden, the concept of remote work changed its meaning for companies in the Bulgarian tech sector: for many, it used to be just an employee perk but it’s now the new normal. While some businesses are more familiar with the tools and techniques for collaboration outside the office and others needed to go through the confusing experience of starting nearly from scratch, everyone has been learning on-the-go and discovering new ways to connect effectively from distance.

You can listen to: 

  • Radoslav Stankov, Head of Engineering, ProductHunt
  • Todor Kolev, Technologist & Entrepreneur, Comrade Cooperative, Wetonomy
  • Velina Getova, Founder & Mental Health Advocate, NotYourTherapy
  • Svetozar Georgiev, Co-founder, Telerik Academy
  • Diana Stefanova, Vice President of Global Site Strategy, VMware 

Some of the topics moderator Alexandra Kozbunarova will cover with them:

  • The adequate leadership styles
  • The adequate employee reactions
  • Building trust and stimulating autonomy
  • The new skills we need
  • Entrepreneurship in any type of organization