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The European Commission: Startups With Solutions To Tackle The COVID-19 Outbreak Should Apply For EIC Funding Before Wednesday

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In the face of the expanding all over Europe Coronavirus outbreak, the European Commission is looking for startups and SMEs that can provide innovative solutions for testing, monitoring, and treatment of the COVID-19 disease. Such companies are encouraged to apply to the next funding round of the European Innovation Council (EIC), whose deadline is coming up this Wednesday,  March 18th at 17:00 Brussels time. 

The total available funding for this call is €164m and Coronavirus-relevant applicants will have to face the same evaluation criteria as companies from other thematic domains. However, the European Commission promises to try to fast-track the awarding of grants and blended finance to any Coronavirus-relevant innovations and facilitate access to other investment sources.

Yesterday, PARA, the Bulgarian Professional Association of Robotics and Automation, published a list of six Bulgarian Coronavirus-related solutions, four of which fall into the technology and innovation domain:

  • Bulgarian biotech startup Micar21, which discovered a new drug molecule that may accelerate the development of a COVID-19 treatment.
  • Naicoms , a company that has developed a telemedicine platform, now available for free.
  • Checkpoint Cardio, a company that enables remote monitoring of patients with Coronavirus symptoms.
  • Allterco, a manufacturer of IoT systems that stated an intention to create a device to help with the disinfection of rooms.

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