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The Full-Stack Devs Are Highly Sought-After In 2020 And Should Be Capable of Delivering An MVP

Full-stack and back-end developers are what most hiring managers in the software sector will be looking for in 2020. This is what the latest report by HackerRank states based on 166k responses from 162 countries. 

The data provides insight into what employers and employees know, what they’re looking for in their work, and how they see their roles evolving as technology sweeps across industries of all sizes.

Across company sizes, hiring managers agree that full-stack developers are top priority: 38% of hiring managers say it’s the #1 role to fill in 2020. The emphasis on full-stack developers was most pronounced in small companies (1-49 employees), 43% of which ranked the role as their top priority.


Although the qualities that define a “full-stack developer” are a subject of debate, most agree that they should have a basic understanding (or better) of all layers of a tech stack, and should be able to generate a minimum viable product on their own. The report states that they’re especially important in small organizations, where fewer employees often have to do the job of many.

Who’s best-paid?

Back-end developers, data scientists, DevOps and QAs are the other sought-after roles for 2020. According to recent data, we gathered from the Bulgarian software ecosystem, junior and middle full-stack developers are best-paid talent among colleagues with different expertise but similar seniority (1-3 years). The higher the seniority the better back-end devs and data scientists are paid. Take a look at the complete table with salaries and expertise.


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