Trending Events Weekly Calendar: What you shouldn’t miss this week!

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This is our list of all major events and open calls from the world of startup, innovation, and all things trending in the week of July 26th – August 1st 2021. Save the dates!

27-28 July 2021

Cyber Security Global Summit’21 (by Geekle.us)

Largest Cyber Security Event of the Year! Geekle has the unique experience to gather huge tech summits with 10’000+ attendees with 95% of free users registered in other tech domains.

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28 July 2021

Your LinkedIn Growth Strategy (by ReturnClient)

Creating a Repeatable Daily Process for your LinkedIn Activity to maximize your results and minimize your time.

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29 July 2021

Shaping The Future of Operations in The Food & Beverage Sector (by Stratega Consulting)

This webinar will equip you with the knowledge to conduct a basic loss valuation of your process. What do consumers value in food product and how to embed them into your process?

More information HERE

29 July 2021

Founders in Europe: Free Company Building Session (by Founders in Europe)

In this session, you’ll be together with other founders who want to grow their businesses. Benjamin Ruschin & Michael Ionita, entrepreneurs who are on a mission to help as many founders as possible to succeed, will answer your questions LIVE!

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30 July 2021

Webinar: What is the future of association events? (by Brightelm)

In this webinar we will be discussing the questions most asked about the future of association events: What trends in other industries are going to affect ours and how will the events industry supply chain need to adapt?

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1 August 2021

Design Thinking & Innovation Week (by Future Academy London)

An immersive programme for creative entrepreneurs, innovation directors and business owners – introducing you to London’s most innovative businesses and uncovering the latest approaches to design thinking and innovation.

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Leaders – Women Innovators in Manufacturing (by eit-Manufacturing)

Apply until July 31 2021

Leaders is a competition aiming to reach out to support the best women innovators (i.e. professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs) playing a leading role in developing solutions / initiatives addressing manufacturing-related challenges with strong financial, environmental, or societal impact.

More information HERE


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