Which are the 50 fastest-growing tech companies in CEE for 2021?

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Deloitte, the largest professional services network in the world, published its annual report on the fastest-growing tech startups in Central and Eastern Europe. And the numbers are more than hopeful. The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe, which is now in its 22nd year, ranks the 50 fastest growing public or private technology companies.

Top 50 fastest-growing companies in CEE

To make it into this list, the companies must fulfil a number of criteria such as:

  • Having base-year operating revenue of at least €50,000 in 2017, 2018, 2019 and a current year operating revenue (2020) of at least €100,000.
  • Owning proprietary intellectual property or proprietary technology, sold to customers in products that contribute to a majority of the company’s operating revenues.
  • Having an ownership structure that excludes majority-owned subsidiaries of strategic entities.
  • Headquarters in a Central European country.

Winners are then selected by ranking their revenue growth over the four years from 2017 to 2020. According to the report, 19 out of the top 50 fastest-growing startups are from the Czech Republic. This is an amazing growth of the local ecosystem! Poland takes the second position with 16 startups that made in the top 50 list. Slovakia participates with five companies, Croatia with four, Bulgaria with two, and Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovenia with one each. According to the rankings, the number one sector is software with 33 businesses, followed by hardware with 5 and fintech with 3.

© Deloitte

The winner in the category “Central Europe Fact 50 winner” is the Czech fintech startup FTMO which reached a revenue growth of 39.432% between 2017 and 2020! Well, that’s a big number in comparison to the average growth of the businesses in this category – 2.278%! FTMO enables experienced and successful financial traders without equity to trade under the auspices of FTMO. In second place is the Lithuanian Kilo.Health, which works in the field of health technology. The platform integrates data analysis, services, and home devices to create a comprehensive health ecosystem. Its turnover jumped by 17,710%. The third is another Czech company – Driveto, which facilitates car leasing and car rental. The growth of this business in the last four years is 5829%.

Here is the entire list of the 50 fastest-growing tech companies in the CEE region according to Deloitte:

Position Company Country Website Growth (%)
1 FTMO Czech Republic www.ftmo.com 39432
2 Kilo.Health Lithuania kilo.health 17710
3 Driveto Czech Republic driveto.cz 5829
4 DoDo Czech Republic www.idodo.cz 3668
5 ThreatMark Czech Republic www.threatmark.com 2854
6 Nethone Poland www.nethone.com 2524
7 Telmedicin Poland telemedi.com/pl 2468
8 DataSentics Czech Republic www.datasentics.com 1955
9 OfficeRnD Bulgaria officernd.com 1884
10 BigHub Czech Republic www.bighub.cz 1795
11 Zdrowegeny.pl Poland zdrowegeny.pl 1622
12 Synerise Poland synerise.com 1540
13 Kontentino Slovakia www.kontentino.com 1453
14 Apify Czech Republic www.apify.com 1429
15 Stepwise Poland stepwise.pl 1277
16 Midero Poland midero.pl 1235
17 Windy.com Czech Republic www.windy.com 1231
18 Bolt Technology Estonia bolt.eu 1132
19 Three of them Croatia 3ofthem.eu 1011
20 TIP IT Solutions Czech Republic tipit.cz 954
21 Zaslat Czech Republic www.zaslat.cz 931
22 LeanCode Poland leancode.co 907
23 Sudo Labs Slovakia sudolabs.io 839
24 Dateio Czech Republic dateio.eu 818
25 ADUS Technologies Slovakia adus.tech 813
26 Gentlemen’s Slovakia lancaric.me 793
27 Revas Poland www.revas.pl 787
28 Tylko (Custom) Poland tylko.com 749
29 Zebra BI Slovenia www.zebrabi.com 738
30 Knihobot Czech Republic knihobot.cz 732
31 Ovečkárna.cz Czech Republic www.oveckarna.cz 727
32 Flow and Form Croatia flownform.com 726
33 Async Lab Croatia www.asynclabs.co 725
34 HARDWARIO Czech Republic www.hardwario.com 723
35 IT Lab Czech Republic www.itlab.cz 722
36 Sinterit Poland www.sinterit.com 713
37 Reactor Studio Croatia www.reactor.studio 685
38 Expandeco Slovakia www.expandeco.com 662
39 CottonBee (Prosker) Poland ctnbee.com 657
40 Reas.cz Czech Republic www.reas.cz 634
41 Manboxeo.cz Czech Republic manboxeo.cz 626
42 Delante Media Poland delante.pl 615
43 ROUVY Czech Republic rouvy.com 586
44 Grenton Poland www.grenton.com 582
45 Applover Poland www.applover.pl 582
46 Lead Investments Poland mylead.global 578
47 Landmark Technologies Albania tech.landmark.al 572
48 Sygnis New Technologies Poland sygnis.pl 571
49 Skladon Czech Republic www.skladon.cz 566
50 EnduroSat Bulgaria www.endurosat.com 558

The Investment Star Award in CEE goes to…

In this year’s edition of Deloitte Fast 50 Central Europe, there is a separate Investment Star award for the company that received the largest total investment between 2018 and mid-2021. With a historical investment of €19.584.000, the Bulgarian fintech Payhawk grabs the “Investment Stars” award. Well done, Payhawk! The company issues corporate debit cards in combination with a cost management platform in more than 30 countries.

Bulgarian fintech Payhawk raises $112M, reaching valuation of $570M

The Growth Starts of the CEE ecosystem

In addition to the Technology Fast 50 ranking, Deloitte ranks companies that show great potential but are too new to meet the criteria for the main Fast 50 category. Eligible companies must have base-year operating revenue of a minimum of €10,000 (2018, 2019 ) and current-year operating revenue of a minimum of €30,000 (2020). Once again the Czech Republic takes over the ranking with 10 companies with significant potential to make it in the next top 50. Poland has 4 representatives in this category, Slovakia and Croatia each has 3, Romania and Lithuania each has 2, and Hungary has one company that made it in the top Growth Stars of the CEE region. The majority of the startups in this category, 16 businesses, are offering software solutions. There are 3 fintech companies and 3 that provide environmental technology. The average company growth among the Growth Stars of the CEE is 1.188%.

© Deloitte

The “Growth Stars” winner is the Romanian software DRUID with growth of 6.753%. Congratulations! DRUID is an intelligent chatbot that empowers employees, customers, and partners to digitally communicate with your business and enterprise systems in the most intuitive, efficient, and human-like way. The second and third place in the ranking are taken by the Czech startups Cyrkl (2349%) and ALIS Tech (2349%). Cyrkl enables the optimization of the management of waste by passing it on from those who have it to those who need it. ALIS Tech, on the other hand, developing a complex system for localization and monitoring of humans, devices, and vehicles in dangerous industrial zones or any other locations.

Here is the entire list of the Growth Stars in the CEE region according to Deloitte:

Position Company Country Website Growth (%)
1 DRUID Romania www.druidai.com 6753
2 Cyrkl Czech Republic cyrkl.com 2496
3 ALIS Tech Czech Republic www.alis-tech.com 2349
4 BrightDock Croatia brightdock.com 2011
5 Identifikaciniai projektai (iDenfy) Lithuania www.idenfy.com 1718
6 TvůjSprávce Czech Republic www.tvujspravce.cz 1656
7 Techband.io Slovakia techband.io 1374
8 Escola Poland www.escola.pl 1081
9 Varistar Czech Republic www.varistar.cz 1010
10 SEON Technologies Hungary seon.io 932
11 Sense Software Poland www.sensesoft.eu 921
12 HiveTech Croatia hivetech.hr 787
13 Qusion Czech Republic www.qusion.com 785
14 Woltair Czech Republic www.woltair.cz 763
15 Simplicity Slovakia onesimplicity.com 762
16 FintechOS Romania fintechos.com 715
17 BitBag Poland bitbag.io 670
18 Pysense Poland pysense.com 639
19 Wilio Slovakia wilio.com 511
20 Foros Global Lithuania www.foros.com 486
21 Zaloto Czech Republic www.zaloto.cz 377
22 Ximilar Czech Republic www.ximilar.com 275
23 Lafluence Czech Republic lafluence.com 250
24 CircuitMess Croatia circuitmess.com 203
25 Balíkobot Czech Republic www.balikobot.cz 184



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