Bulgarian Blockchain Developer Limechain Joins IBM and Accenture In An Exclusive Hyperledger Club

Limechain team ©Limechain
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The Bulgarian blockchain development company Limechain is one of the eight companies worldwide admitted as a Hyperledger Fabric Certified Partner. The “exclusive club” features also giants IBM and Accenture. This recognition shows that the young company has developed solid expertise in corporate-oriented blockchain technology. Furthermore, from a business perspective, being one of the eight certified partners means that from now on Limechain will be a preferred service provider for global tech, financial and supply chain enterprises seeking to develop blockchain and distributed ledger solutions. Not least, it means that with the right positioning and commitment a small Bulgarian tech company founded in 2017 could quickly reach global acknowledgment. 

“We have always recognized Hyperledger as a strategic technology for Limechain. We’ve already taken the necessary steps to make it part of our core and we are actively working to make a strong portfolio of use-cases developed via the Hyperledger projects. This is an exciting opportunity for us to start contributing some external systems integration modules and position LimeChain as a leader in that too,“ says George Spasov, Chief architect and co-founder of the company, in an official statement.

Part of the bigger picture

Since last November, Limechain is also part of the Hyperledger and Linux Foundation, meaning that the company plays an important role in the currently developing global blockchain community. Hyperledger is an open-source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, and the fastest-growing project of the founded in 2000 Linux Foundation. Part of Hyperledger are over 200 organizations from all over the world featuring names like IBM, SAP, Airbus, Fujitsu, Daimler, etc. In other words, in two short years, Limechain managed to find its place in an interesting business and tech community. Being part of this community not only assures that Limechain is at the forefront of the DLT development, but also that its team actively contributes by enriching the technology. It has so far contributed two developer tools to it. 

A quick rise

Sticking to its founders’ fair beliefs about revolutionizing and contributing as much as possible to the Blockchain world, in 2017 the Bulgarian Limechain was born to specialize in Blockchain & distributed ledger technology (DLT) for the tech, financial and supply chain sectors.  

Currently, 30 people between Sofia and London are full-time working for the company and the team continues to grow talent. On its client portfolio, Limechain has completed over  50 international projects for both startups and corporate clients, including some big names like Raiffeisen Bank, Vaultitude and ARXUM, but also brands from the startup world like the US-Bulgarian protect venture Propy.

More focus on blockchain solutions for enterprise

So far, well-funded blockchain startups and experimentation with the technology in distributed applications (dApps), payments, and public blockchain have been a focus for Limechain. In 2020, especially after joining Hyperledger, enterprise solutions will be a main topic for the company. “Developing solutions for supply chain and integrating Hyperledger with ERP systems are the two areas in which we want to dig deeper,” tells us Silvia Ivanova, head of growth marketing at the company. 

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