Dronamics is selected as partner of DHL for middle-mile drone delivery

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A major success for the Bulgarian startup ecosystem was announced earlier this week with the partnership between the Bulgarian startup company Dronamics and DHL for middle-mile drone delivery. This is a huge success for the Bulgarian startup that was backed a while ago by Eleven Ventures. 

The first production-scale drone will be ready in October and Dronamics has signed agreements with 39 airports in 13 countries in Europe, its chief executive officer Svilen Rangelov shares in an article for Thomson Reuters

+++ Bulgarian Dronamics’ unmanned planes to speed up Hellmann’s deliveries of vital goods in Europe +++

DHL is already experimenting with using drones for smaller deliveries for smaller objects and on shorter distances in some countries where the company is running operations. The plans between DHL and Dronamics include the creation and deployment of nearly 4000 drones in the upcoming years. This can potentially generate €1.86 Bn to Dronamics’ revenues annually. 

“Innovation is a key part of DHL’s DNA. We are constantly exploring new technologies to bring value to our customers, and we believe that cargo drones will be an element in the next generation of transportation in logistics. DRONAMICS is a pioneer and leader in the field of cargo drones and our collaboration will help to open up opportunities for urgent, sensitive, and time-critical deliveries. We are excited to pilot the use of the Black Swan in customer operations in the near future”, said Matthias Heutger, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Innovation & Commercial Development at DHL in a statement published on the website of Dronamics. 

Both companies expect the first commercial flight to be in 2022. 


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