Fintechs in Bulgaria Have Earned Nearly €400m in 2019

Fintech Bulgaria
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Last week, the Bulgarian Fintech Association (BFA) released one of the most comprehensive mappings of the fintech ecosystem in Sofia and Bulgaria. The association’s research highlights the diversification of the industry and shows that in 2020 the Bulgarian fintech ecosystem consists of about 100 fintech companies, operating in 9 different verticals with the payments and billing segment being the largest contributor in terms of the number of fintech providers (34%). Other growing segments are lending, capital markets blockchain and crypto, insurance, and personal finance business.

It looks like Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, remains the most preferred fintech location in the country with 83 of the companies being headquartered there. In Findexable’s  2020 Global Fintech Index (GFI), Sofia has been ranked as the 38th best fintech location in Europe, just behind Athens and ahead of Ljubljana, Bucharest, and Cluj-Napoca, while Bulgaria as a whole finds itself under number 56 globally. 

“For developing countries such as Bulgaria, the Fintech industry is one of a few opportunities for catching up and developing a highly efficient economy. In this sense, although Bulgaria’s Fintech industry is a comparatively small contributor to the GDP, it is very important for the overall efficiency and modernization of the economy,” reads a statement from BFA.

It’s still interesting to observe the financial performance of the companies that aim to transform the finance industry, so we took the list provided by BFA and checked what revenue each company generated in 2019, as per Company.Guru, which gathers information from publicly available official statistics. 

In total, we calculated for last year fintech companies in Bulgaria have reported total revenue of 753.8M BGN or a bit over €385M. Companies in the payments and billing segment are responsible for over 80% of the total amount – €313.6M. Previous research by BFA and SeeNews, which most likely did not work with the same sample of organizations, reported operating revenue of €212.5m for 2018. 

Not surprisingly, none of the top revenue contributors are new ventures – in the top 5, whose representatives total €300m, we can see players like Datecs, which has been on the market for over 30 years, international online payments company Paysafe, as well as other established companies like myPOS, Borica Bank Services, and Emerchantpay. According to the available data, for the most part, even the most financially successful fintech startups on the local market (such as Evrotrust and Cashwave) are in the low millions when it comes to revenue. It’s worth noting that many local ventures started here have a company registered in other countries, which in some cases may be the main revenue-generating locations.

NOTE: While we use BFA’s mapping as a starting point, in our list below, we have excluded three types of companies: those who, we did not discover to be registered in Bulgaria, those who have reported no revenue in 2019, and the IT service providers whose revenue cannot be easily attributed to a single industry. We are open to adding more Bulgarian fintech companies to the list, if yours is not present, please reach out to us on with the revenue generated for 2019 and the organization’s core fintech area of operations.

CompanyRevenue in EURBucketCategory
Datecs€135,742,67850m-200mPayments/ Billing
Paysafe€95,250,31650m-200mPayments/ Billing
myPOS€27,421,7091-50mPayments/ Billing
Borica Bank Services€22,229,4751-50mInfrastructure
Emerchantpay€19,287,9261-50mPayments/ Billing
TiXi€11,390,5721-50mPayments/ Billing
Technementals Technologies (Bulgaria)€7,166,0611-50mCapital Markets
Naxex€7,040,6811-50mCapital Markets
SafeCharge€6,089,3351-50mPayments/ Billing
ePay€5,792,5191-50mPayments/ Billing
CashWave€4,707,0931-50mPersonal Finance
Ferratum Money€3,175,4201-50mLending
DeGiro€2,981,4661-50mCapital Markets
Treasury Intelligence Solutions Bulgaria€2,593,5581-50mPayments/ Billing
Tide€2,411,3751-50mPayments/ Billing
CashCredit Online€2,153,4521-50mLending
Paynetics€1,807,5071-50mPayments/ Billing
The Burgiss Group€1,750,1911-50mWealth Management
Foris Europe€1,578,7541-50mBlockchain/ Crypto
iCard€1,356,6541-50mPayments/ Billing
Think Capital Services Limited€1,339,7661-50mCapital Markets
Checkout X/ Eri Digital€1,191,3581-50mPayments/ Billing
SumUp€880,213250k-1mPayments/ Billing
eCollect€795,774250k-1mPayments/ Billing
Tradeo€474,394250k-1mCapital Markets
Sirma ICS€425,778250k-1mInsurance
Phyre€394,561250k-1mPayments/ Billing€368,973250k-1mBlockchain/ Crypto
Rentila€332,639250k-1mMortgage/ Real Estate
Paysera€294,769250k-1mPayments/ Billing
Gaida Guide€287,093250k-1mMortgage/ Real Estate
Access Finance€269,693250k-1mLending
Kaje Fin Services Software€262,529250k-1mCapital Markets
Easy Payment Services€250,758250k-1mPayments/ Billing
Rewards Labs€222,100Under 250kPersonal Finance
Log Sentinel€205,724Under 250kRegtech
Datecs Pay€161,202Under 250kPayments/ Billing
Ramensofia€150,455Under 250kPayments/ Billing
Mabsut Technologies Bulgaria€142,779Under 250kPayments/ Billing
Klear Lending€139,708Under 250kLending
Jarvis Exchange€136,638Under 250kBlockchain/ Crypto
Boleron€115,144Under 250kInsurance
AMS Bulgaria€75,228Under 250kWealth Management
Cashlend€35,823Under 250kLending€29,170Under 250kMortgage/ Real Estate
Lime Pay EOOD€27,123Under 250kPayments/ Billing
Reloyalty€27,123Under 250kPersonal Finance
Crediport€25,588Under 250kLending
Payhawk€23,029Under 250kPayments/ Billing
Iris Solutions€17,911Under 250kPayments/ Billing
Credissimo Super€15,864Under 250kLending
Tradexsocial€11,770Under 250kBlockchain/ Crypto
Tickey€8,188Under 250kPayments/ Billing
Reinno Bulgaria€2,559Under 250kMortgage/ Real Estate
iPORT€1,535Under 250kInsurance
Transact Europe€1,024Under 250kPayments/ Billing

Total:  €385.4M

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