Meet Mike Merrill, the First Publicy Traded (!) Person in the World

You might have bought Bitcoin, stocks or ETFs – but have you ever invested in a real person? Mike Merrill, who recently spoke at TEDx Vienna, claims that he is the first publicy traded person in the world. That really means that you can buy a share of Mike today for 5 to 6 dollars, and then you have the right to vote on what Mike will do next – become a vegetarian for example.

In this podcast episode, Mike is talking with Jakob from Trending Topics about:

  • if he had to ask his shareholders to do this podcast interview
  • why he became the first publicy traded person in the world
  • if this is just an art project or more
  • the best decision his shareholders have taken for him
  • the worst decision his shareholders have taken for him
  • what happens with the money that people invest
  • if shareholders are allowed to make suggestions
  • if he would recommend it other people to do this
  • if he would bring himself onto the blockchain


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Über den Podcast von Trending Topics

Mehrmals wöchentlich sprechen Jakob, Jasmin, Julia und Oliver mit Gründer:innen, Investor:innen, Expert:innen, Wissenschaftler:innen und Politiker:innen über die Themen Digitalisierung, Technologie, Startups und Klimaschutz. Die Themen sind als vertiefende Gespräche zu aktuellen News, die es bei Tech & Nature und  Trending Topics zu lesen gibt.

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