Sasha Bezuhanova: The Green Restart Initiative And Why Digital and Sustainability Innovations are Important for the Economic Recovery

Sasha Bezuhanova, the founder of think-tank MOVE.BG explains why innovation ecosystems need to be part of the economic recovery discussion and planning on a governmental level.

MOVE.BG has launched a special coalition “Green Restart via Innovation” with the participation of leading organizations from the innovative ecosystem in Bulgaria. At the beginning of June, the group sent an official open letter to the Bulgarian government calling for a green post-COVID-19 recovery, based on the EU Green Deal strategy. The initiative demands the government’s support for modern, clean, and innovative solutions that will transform the Bulgarian economy into a green and healthy one and will create sustainable growth and new jobs via innovation. The letter is open for citizen’s support and could be signed it online.

The initiative unites key stakeholders in the innovative and green ecosystem: business organizations of innovative companies, organizations engaged in the practical application of models for a circular economy, carbon neutrality and zero waste organizations that promote a green culture of life. The Coalition includes MOVE.BG along with BESCO – the Bulgarian Startup Association, Founder Institute Sofia, Sofia Startup, Junior Achievement Bulgaria, Zero Waste-Bulgaria, Institute Circular Economy, and the Bulgarian Center of Women in Technology (BCWT).