Startups And Product Companies In Southeastern Europe That Are Still Hiring – Part 1: Bulgaria

The coronavirus outbreak has made almost every business reconsider its human resources strategy. While some companies are facing layoffs and others have chosen to freeze any recruitment for the time being, third, especially in the tech sector, continue looking for talent, maybe even more actively than before.

So, who is still hiring? What do they do and people for what roles are currently wanted?

For those seeking a new job, we made a list of startups, product companies, and members of the innovation ecosystem in Bulgaria that still have open positions and are planning to grow in the months to come. Sources: Diyan Mihaylov (co-founder of ProductTank Sofia), career websites, social media posts, own network.

If you want to have your company on the list, fill in the form at the end of the article and we will add it as soon as possible.

Company Name Open Positions The Products In A Nutshell
Bosch Engineering Center Sofia Developing innovative technologies for the automotive industry in areas such as driving assistance, automated driving, and electric mobility
Chaos Group C++, Golang, and Front-end Developers, 3D Software Support, HR Director 3D rendering software that helps computer graphics artists, special effects designers create photoreal imagery
Coherent Labs Unreal Engine and C++ Developers, HR, Customer Support UI middleware software that helps game designers and developers to reduce interface development time
Documaster Java Developer, Migrations Engineer Document management software that helps organizations to archive records from different sources in a way that files are easy to be retrieved and reused at a later date
EnduroSat Hardware Designer for Communication Modules, Hardware engineer, Test engineer, Quality engineer NanoSats for commercial, exploration and science missions
EnhanCV Product Manager, Product Designer Online resume builder with advanced design options Site reliability, Back-end, and Front-end engineers, Product designer, Front-end designer SaaS platform for social media listening, advertising, engaging, publishing and analytics
Festo Bulgaria Angular developer, Hardware design engineer, Embedded software engineer Industrial automation and digitalization – sensors, PLC controllers and valve modules, electric drives, medical automation and laboratory equipment, software and hardware products in the field of robotics and industrial internet of things (IIoT).
Gameloft C++ Game Developers, UI Game developer, Game designers Games for all major digital platforms – with over 157m monthly users.
GATE Institute Junior and Senior Big Data Researchers, System administrator, PR, HR Institute for applied research and innovation in Big Data
Gtmhub Golang/Java, Android and iOS engineers, Sales executives, Product Manager OKR Software to help companies align, focus and be more effective in achieving goals
HyperScience Machine learning, DevOps and Senior QA engineers  AI-centered enterprise solutions for automating work and document digitalization
Imagga Computer Vision Researchers and Data Scientists  Image recognition platform, providing tagging APIs to developers
Kaufland IT Hub SAP Fiori/UI5, QA Automation and Android Engineers, Data scientists, SAP Basis Department Lead Web and mobile applications to help in-store and corporate employees with their jobs
Leanplum Backend Engineers, Information Security & Compliance Manager Mobile customer engagement platform
LogSentinel Java Developer Provides an advanced secure audit trail application and encryption to ensure data integrity
MyPOS .NET and C++ engineers, Sales, HR Payment solutions for businesses – POS devices, mobile payment terminals, easy-to-integrate e-commerce tools
Nemetschek Bulgaria Java, .NET, Full-stack developers, QA engineers Working on different products with a highlight on: Document Workflow Management System and CAD/BIM design software helping users make virtual 3D data-rich models and present them to customers in VR/AR/Cloud environment.
Ocado Technology Machine learning, Java, Scala, Linux, C engineers Software that enables robotic picking and storage solutions for retail
Ontotext Solution Architect and Lead Developer with experience in Java/C#/C++ Knowledge Graphs to link diverse data, enrich it via text analysis and index it in GraphDB for semantic search
Paysafe Software engineer – payments, Android Developer iOS engineer, Security operations and payment network analysts, Product manager, cybersecurity engineers, Customer service agents End-to-end payment solutions –  processing, digital wallet, card issuing and online cash.
Paysera PHP developer Low-price money transfer platform
Progress DevOps, Front-end, QA Automation and Mobile engineers,  Data scientist, UX designer, Product Marketing Manager, Sales representatives A platform for quick and easy software application development
Proxiad Java developers, QA Engineers An IT services company with numerous projects in fintech and eCommerce.
PSinteractive Senior back-end enginer, iOS engineer Building digital entertainment products – streaming HQ, short video, interactive content.
Safecharge Front-end, Java, DevOps, QA Automation Engineers Payment solutions – from card acquiring to payment processing and checkout
SMSBump PHP back-end developer SMS marketing platform helping eCommerce store owners improve sales and customer lifetime value.
Smule Android engineer, iOS engineer, Data engineer Social singing app
Software Group Full-stack, Android, Swift, Oracle Flexcube, Front-end engineers A set of solutions to help finacial institutions with their digital transformation
SumUP Golang, Elixir, Java, Kotlin, Front-end Engineers, Product manager Mobile POS solutions for small and mid-sized merchants
Tide Java engineer and Android engineer Financial management solutions for SMEs
Transmetrics Data Scientist, Quantitative Developer, Java Engineer, Project Manager AI-based platform for demand forecasting and predictive optimization in the logistics industry.
Via Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack engineers – Golang, JS, Kubernetes with Istio and Knative, Docker, Cloud Functions, *Nix, Git Optimization of ride-sharing routes and public transit networks

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