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The Big Reset: Pivoting Companies during the Downturn: A Keynote By Emilie Sydney-Smith, CEO @ ExO Works


Are you currently thinking about how to re-invent your business? Then, this is a talk you might want to watch.

COVID-19 is not just accelerating business disruption through economic pain. It is causing emerging technologies and business models to be adopted at scale and in real-time. Smart companies will pivot during the downturn – ready for the world economy to restart. An exponential crisis can only be tackled with exponential solutions. Emilie Sydney-Smith – CEO of ExO Works, explains the trends they are seeing around the world, in which emerging technologies are expected to hit a tipping point because of the global crisis, and how their clients are working to become leaders in those new industries.

Emilie Sydney-Smith is the CEO of ExO Works, helping large companies like Visa, HP, and Procter & Gamble to prepare for the future and actually profit from 10X disruptive innovation initiatives. She’s a keynote speaker, panelist and workshop facilitator at many international events, sharing practical case studies and talking about how technologies like flying taxis, genetic engineering, 3D printing, quantum computing, machine learning, and VR are applied by her clients.

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