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Newly launched EAIF is now the largest representative of the European AI industry

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Nine national AI associations launched the European AI Forum (EAIF) to represent the European AI ecosystem. The EAIF is the first not-for-profit organization acting as a common European voice for more than 2,000 AI companies. Thereby, the EAIF becomes the largest representative of the European AI industry.

Goals in line with the EU Agenda

Accelerating investment in AI, acting on AI strategies and programs, and aligning AI policy to avoid fragmentation in Europe is at the heart of the EAIF’s goals. The EAIF, therefore, intends to promote human-centric regulation, contribute to the design of an innovation-friendly environment, increase AI awareness, showcase the benefits of AI to stakeholders and the public as well as support talent and growth of AI-based solutions made in Europe.

“All founding members are committed to enhancing their engagement beyond country borders and jointly determining the path forward for European AI innovation,” said Daniel Abbou, President of the EAIF.

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Nine national AI associations

To accomplish its mission, the EAIF is leveraging the expertise of a diverse group of leading national AI associations, including:

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“The EAIF is designed by and for Europe’s AI community, aiming to serve as a resource and forum for education, information-sharing, and networking between companies, policymakers and the general public,” said Jeannette Gorzala, Vice President of the EAIF.

Initially, the EAIF started as an informal initiative, bringing together policymakers, innovators and experts in the field of AI in its biannual conference, regularly attracting public interest and more than 12,000 viewers.

“Formalizing our European cooperation is an important step in achieving our goals. We can now further expand and professionalize our organization. I am looking forward to taking “AI made in Europe” to the next level, with the human-centered approach at the forefront,” said Marloes Pomp, Vice President of the EAIF.

The Board of EAIF is currently composed as follows:

Martina Silov (CroAI, Croatia), Caroline Chopinaud (Hub France IA, France), Daniel Abbou (KI Bundesverband, Germany), Mitja Trampuz (AI4SI, Slovenia), Jeannette Gorzala (AI Austria, Austria), Kaloyan Ratchev (AI Cluster Bulgaria, Bulgaria), Marloes Pomp (NL AI Coalitie, Netherlands), Piotr Mieczkowski (Digitalpoland foundation, Poland) and the Linas Petkevičius (Artificial Intelligence Association of Lithuania, Lithuania).

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