The DGaming Hub And The Cool New Monetization Model For Gamers

©DGaming Hub
©DGaming Hub

The gaming industry is seeing a new uprise with the total gaming revenue expected to reach almost $140B by 2020. This growth potential might as well be hidden under the development of the underlying tech that is aggressively disrupting all the areas of the digital world – Blockchain.

For DGaming (decentralized gaming) it all started in October 2018, publishing the first ever decentralized gaming industry report and ever since the company is building the hype around decentralize gaming with its media site, as well as DGaming Store. Now DGaming is launching a decentralized gaming hub in the Cosmos network (the internet of blockchains), which will connect standalone gaming blockchains to the economical ecosystem, allowing users that play different games and to trade with each other.

It is also at the time when the gaming projects are currently third, behind infrastructure and financial startups as the most popular areas to invest in.

Chance to monetize

The Hub will make possible the creation of a network of blockchains where tokens can be transferred between all games within the network. This will enhance one of the most exciting features of blockchain gaming – cross-application interoperability, and ultimately could change the way players interact with games, giving them the chance to monetize their efforts in real life value.

Currently, it’s very hard for developers to launch application-specific blockchains. To do so, businesses would have to deploy their own infrastructure, such as exchanges, marketplaces, stable coins and wallets. Not to mention all the community building efforts which makes it all a very costly process.

Decentralized gaming needs a decentralized streaming

Game streaming is a huge part of the gaming ecosystem. It helps companies reach bigger adoption for their games, build a better community and for the last decade it becomes a phenomenon that boosts the whole gaming experience.

On a different note, blockchain becomes a thing for the streaming platforms, as it provides a fairer distribution of the assets, censorship resistance and more transparency. Dlive – the Twitch look-a-like blockchain-based live streaming platform is heavily trying to attract new users. In April the platform scored a deal with PewDiePie, the popular “Let’s Play” streamer, who has the second biggest channel on YouTube with over 96M subscribers.

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Even though Dlive and DGaming are not developed by the same company, they both are using Cosmos network as an infrastructure layer. The blockchain project promises that it has developed a scalable ecosystem, which allows different decentralized applications to interoperate on a single platform. The developers believe that Cosmos may contribute to solving some of the main problems in blockchain, such as scalability and interoperability. This might be exactly why both game-related services use Cosmos – to ensure that the network is prepared to handle the huge amount of transactions that the gaming industry requires.

Better experience for gamers

It has always been a hurdle for games and streamers get a fairer amount of money for their efforts. Sometimes it comes to the underlying service, that provides the infrastructure, but also to the limitation that the infrastructure itself has. With blockchain joining the game, there is a good chance that in the foreseeable future, this would no longer be the case as it would reduce the middleman costs when it comes to streaming. On the other hand, interoperability would allow the exchange of value between gamers who have different taste for games.

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