Who is Who in the Bulgarian GovTech Ecosystem? 

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Public services and government are not often associated with tech innovations and major digital disruptions but like every other sector, they are being rapidly transformed and advanced by technology. The digital transformation of different government sectors to make them more convenient and efficient, also known as GovTech, brings a combined value to citizens and the administration as it enables the introduction of adaptive security approaches, augmented intelligence, digital citizen identities, and shared services. Smart city technologies, e-services, and open data enable authorities to use analytics to make accurate data-driven decisions and increase citizen engagement by reaching citizens on their own terms via their preferred channels. As GovTech solutions have such potential to benefit society and businesses at large, it is thought-provoking to see how they are advancing in the local ecosystem. 

After publishing the Sofia Gaming Studios Matrix and Sofia Fintech Mapping, on the 10th November Innovative Sofia, the Digitalisation, Innovation, and Economic Development’ department of Sofia Municipality published a GovTech matrix containing 40 companies and 120 other organizations that support the development of the GovTech ecosystem in Sofia. Curious to find out who are the players on the local market that create innovative and digital solutions for the development of the state and municipal administrations? On the top of the comprehensive list of Innovate Sofia, the Trending Topics team added the following descriptions to show how are the companies contributing to the advancement of the local GovTech ecosystem.

The companies representing the Bulgarian GovTech ecosystem

  • A1 – a telecom provider which implements various CSR initiatives: it invests in its own center for recycling of old devices, has five solar power stations, and conducts computer literacy training for kids and pensioners, it is also an official provider of Cisco Partner Support Service and implements free Wi-Fi zones in Bulgarian municipalities in the framework of the WiFi4EU initiative.
  • Abilitics –  a software development company that provided a free of charge chatbot to the Sofia Municipality, which was used to keep citizens informed about the progress of Covid-19 and advise people on personal protection. 
  • Acronis Bulgaria -a provider of cyber protection and hybrid cloud solutions with an R&D center in Sofia: it is working with Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University to create encryption and secure data management technologies to enable securer business-to-business and business-to-government transactions. 
  • Acsior – a system integrator that offers analysis, computer system integration, and operation management: in 2012 it won a tender for the implementation of the e-government platform “Integrated information System of Sofia Municipality”.
  • Acstre Software Group – an R&D lab for computer graphics and geoinformation systems towards the Technical University in Sofia, which provides solutions for the automatization of the activities of various public administrations, agencies, and ministries. 
  • Aktopis – specializes in the development of software for the municipal administrations in Bulgaria. 
  • APIS Bulgaria – provides solutions for the development, improvement, and distribution of legal and business information systems: in light of the legislative changes introduced in the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, it offered its products and expert analysis to the public free of charge for a short period of time. 
  • Borica – a provider of regulated and payment services, card services, as well as infrastructure, software, and payment institution services: it works for the implementation of The Bulgarian National Card and Payment Scheme and the first “national card Bcard” was issued in 2018, while now it is already accepted at all terminal devices in the country.
  • Botron Software -a Bulgarian IT provider of enterprise-grade add-on solutions and services for the Jira project management software.
  • Bulpros – a company that provides solutions in the fields of industrial digitalization, cybersecurity, and telecommunication: during the Covid-19 crisis it supported the state authorities in the digitalization of the healthcare sector and more specifically in the issuing of e-receipts, online diagnostics, and others. 
  • Civi – (no longer operational after its founders were sued for misuse of EU funds by organized crime) – a mobile app that allowed citizens to send signals about issues they encounter in their towns to the municipal administrations.  
  • CISCO Bulgaria – focuses on market development, consulting, and marketing activities and provides intelligent networking solutions for building unified information infrastructures. 
  • CNsys – a system integrator that delivers comprehensive IT solutions such as data processing and storage, communication and expert solutions, and software development: it has a contract with the Bulgarian state-owned company Information Services for the delivery of software and hardware equipment needed to upgrade the IT systems of the National Revenue Agency.
  • Develiot – a startup that specializes in the development of Industrial IoT products and solutions that help businesses and municipalities deal with challenges related to water management and air quality: it has developed an end-to-end air quality monitoring system in Sofia. 
  • Dimiroma – a company that specializes in processing and management of documents, digitizing archives, filing and destroying documents, and implementation of software solutions for electronic archives: it supports the digitalization of the National Revenue Registry.
  • Documaster – their main product is a cloud-based archiving solution that connects different software systems used in organizations and archives the documentation in a predefined way: it makes it possible to connect different organizations and institutions and store the files in a central engine so that different branches and agencies can access them.
  • DSI – a software solutions provider company that offers access control, IoT, and auditing solutions.
  • ESRI Bulgaria – a geographic information systems mapping software that helps its clients understand and visualize data to make data-driven decisions. 
  • Evrotrust – a mobile app that allows its users to work with e-documents technically and legally secured and to remotely identify themselves before banks, telecoms, and the state. 
  • Grajdanite – a mobile app and online platform that focuses on shared civil duties and allows citizens to send signals to municipal authorities. 
  • IBM Bulgaria – provides whole country business coverage and serves companies in Sales, IT Infrastructure, Business consulting, and Global Technologies Services as well the government, universities, and different institutions. 
  • ICB – InterConsult Bulgaria – an IT company that specializes in software development, digital transformation, 3D and MR simulations, and Industry 4.0 solutions. 
  • Infologica – specializes in designing, developing, and implementing software solutions with a main technical focus in the communication sector and environmental field and provision of IT consultancy services.
  • InfoNotary – a registered provider of certification services for universal electronic signatures for personal online correspondence with high-security level, for identity authentication, for data encryption, and others.
  • Information Services JSC – a key partner of the state institutions in the implementation of ICT projects with the Ministry of Finance, The National Revenue Agency, The Customs Agency, the municipal administrations, and others.
  • Kratos Technology – develops and fieldsт affordable technology, platforms, and systems for United States National Security related customers, allies, and commercial enterprises. 
  • Lakorda Bulgaria – a company for legal, expert, and business software with content that includes documents of legislative, regulatory, case-law, and company information.
  • LogSentinel – an information security company that keeps critical data safe at scale. Their solutions keep all logs, data, and documents protected by blockchain technology.
  • Microsoft Bulgaria – the official partner of the global company in Bulgaria that specializes in the development of software, services, computer and information technologies.
  • MYX Bulgaria – a company that specializes in aerial imaging, big data, 3D modeling, and artificial intelligence and creates accurate 3D point cloud maps called “digital twins”.
  • Nemetschek Bulgaria – a software company that offers solutions for digitizing various business processes, app development, design of visual models, and optimization of construction companies. 
  • Novatel – a national telecommunication carrier that operates the regional fiber optics network. 
  • Netlyt – an AI research company that works with SMEs to help them make the first steps in implementing machine learning. 
  • Paysera – a fintech company that offers digital payment services and currency exchange services.  
  • SAP Bulgaria – the R&D center SAP Labs Bulgaria specializes mainly in cloud-related topics and works on advancing SAP’s products for developers. SAP has been active in building and nurturing a relationship within the startup ecosystems.
  • Scalefocus – a supplier for IT solutions for the implementation and technology consultancy for multiple IT vendors as well as for building vertical knowledge in finance, telco, banking, education, government, and others.
  • Sirma Group Holding – delivers outsourced R&D services, develops semantic software, cognitive business solutions, industrial applications, e-government platform services, and others.  
  • SoftConsultGroup – Provides technology and product development consultancy, ERP/CRM/BPM/BI, Cloud & Virtualization, Blockchain and Crypto as well as IoT, Industry 4.0, and Machine Learning consultancy.
  • SoftServe – a software development company with an R&D center in Bulgaria that specializes in engineering, architecture, business analytics to project management, AI, and customer support solutions. It provides end-to-end capabilities from product concept to completion in the areas of healthcare, retail, manufacturing, logistics, and infrastructure.
  • Software group – specializes in digitalization and integration solutions for institutions that provide financial services.
  • Syscom engineering – a system integrator that designs, builds, and commissions telecommunication solutions and provides support in the implementation of intelligent infrastructure solutions for urban environments. 
  • Technologica – develops a comprehensive range of IT services including implementation of information systems, software development, consulting, and specialized training: it participates in tenders for the digitalization of various Bulgarian administrations. 
  • Telelink – a technology integrator and managed services provider of consultancy, tailored project-based services, and advanced support for enterprise connectivity, hybrid cloud, lean infrastructure, and others.
  • Telenor – a telecommunications company that offers bills and payment services, network coverage, smart tourist insurances, and e-vignettes. It also has a number of CSR initiatives in support of people with disabilities and students and partners with NGOs for the conductions of donation campaigns. 
  • Theoremus – a research platform for media planning and concept development that gathers data from various sources and provides audience-specific analytics. 
  • Tickey – a startup that makes public transportation more convenient for citizens, helps municipal authorities optimize the transport system, and reduces emissions.
  • Tixi – a technology provider of transport management systems and electronic payments that specializes in the development of integrated solutions for end customers.
  • – a chatbot agency that simplifies and speeds up the creation, implementation, and maintenance of AI chatbot by providing businesses with a platform for chatbot content and functionality management.
  • Vivacom – a telecom provider of 4G mobile Internet, fiber coverage, interactive TV, and financial services. The Vivacom Funds partners with various NGOs and foundations and invests in projects in the fields of education, sport, professional realization, art and culture 
  • VMware Bulgaria – the largest R&D site for VMware in EMEA and a multifunctional hub with product professional services and business operations teams. The company supports the EU program for healthcare, smart cities, and industrial robotics innovations, BRRAINE, by building applications in these sectors. 

*Lists are never complete. In case we missed an important player – please drop us a line.*

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