Seedblink turns 4

SeedBlink has invested €342M into the European Tech sector

Seedblink turns 4! © Seedblink

SeedBlink, Europe’s tech-focused venture investment, and equity management platform, celebrates 4 years of activity in the European ecosystem. The platform reports over €815 million in asset ownership and €342M in startup investing mobilized for over 250 companies from 15 countries with €67M raised through SeedBlink’s community of investors since the launch.

2023 has been a record year for Seedblink in Europe with mobilized €180 million and 53 deals, including soonicorns like FLOWX.AI, Dronamics, and Alcatraz AI, across 20 different tech-verticals. In the past year, Seedblink expanded in the DACH region and launched the equity management platform Nimity

Looking ahead, SeedBlink anticipates a promising outlook for tech startups in 2024 as well.

Seedblink expands in DACH region to invest €1.5M in local startups in 2023

Seedblink: Investment at your fingertips 

Seedblink in Europe provides 3 main types of investment rounds, including VC-backed rounds, Syndicates, and Community Stars, for startups from pre-seed to Series B with investments ranging from €50k to €2M. In 2023, the largest share of rounds is for Seed funding (41%), while the top 5 funded verticals based on the mobilized amount are

  • Enterprise SaaS (€67M)
  • AI/ML (€55M)
  • FinTech (€9M)
  • Marketplace (€8.5M)
  • MedTech (€5.5M)

Rising inflation, volatile public markets, a looming global recession, unfortunate international wars, and more have restricted post-pandemic recoveries. But, despite these significant headwinds, SeedBlink has continued to support some of the most innovative startups in Europe that are building the products and services that will shape the world of tomorrow,” states Andrei Dudoiu, President of BoD at SeedBlink.

The largest investor portfolio value on SeedBlink is over €900,000 with 49 investments, the average being €6,200 for a retail investor and €44,000 for a sophisticated investor with 25% of all portfolios including 5 or more companies. The average investment ticket is €5,600, while 50% of the total invested amount is formed out of tickets of €10,000 and the largest one is €500,000. Repeat investors account for 47,5% of active investors.

SeedBlink launches equity management platform Nimity

2024: Simplifying equity management for entrepreneurs

Since its launch in May 2023, equity management platform Nimity onboarded more than 8,000 company representatives and stakeholders, registering over 1,700 companies’ cap tables implemented and over 500 ESOP beneficiaries on the platform. This success led SeedBlink to become the only European platform offering financing, equity management, and secondaries for private equity on a unified platform. 

We enter 2024 with an even greater focus on making equity ownership simpler and more empowering for everyone. Looking ahead to 2024, exciting things await. This year is expected to be a better year for tech startups due to three core reasons: a growth rebound, potential increases in venture capital investment, and an optimistic IPO market,” adds Carmen Sebe, CEO of SeedBlink.

In 2024, the platform plans to expand investment opportunities for investors, including the potential for co-investing in mature companies, develop the secondary market with convertible instruments, upgrade Nimity for enhanced portfolio tracking and simplified investment process, and continue fostering community engagement through organized events.

SeedBlink also aims to enhance its all-in-one platform, focusing on empowering equity ownership, simplifying investor reporting, and streamlining fundraising. The introduction of an academy and networking events, along with an expanded operational presence in the DACH region, Benelux, and France, aims to enhance community engagement and support for tech investors and founders.

Read the full report here for more information on SeedBlink’s impact on the European tech startup ecosystem as it celebrates 4 years of activity.

SeedBlink partners with Promocrat to boost investment readiness


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