SeedBlink launches Secondary Market to ease additional investment opportunities

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Startup Interviewer: Gib uns dein erstes AI Interview Startup Interviewer: Gib uns dein erstes AI Interview

SeedBlink, one of the fastest-growing investing platforms in Europe, is bringing an early liquidity offering to individual investors in startup investments. SeedBlink is the first CEE platform to launch its secondary market following the directive requirements, focusing on tech-exclusive deals across Europe.

The secondary market is set to bring early liquidity offering to individual investors in startups, as well as the opportunity to invest (acquire) shares at any time in companies that investors may have missed when capital raising. 

European investment platform SeedBlink opens a branch in Bulgaria

The Secondary Market

Prior to the launch, several pilots were run with existing shareholders. With this version, all verified users have access to a new bulletin board and process to privately negotiate sell-buy offers, extending trade access for all equity rounds in the portfolio and enhancing investor control over the process.

Clients of SeedBlink could electronically register an interest in participating in the Secondary Market as a buyer or a seller on the platform, together with the quantity and price per unit they wish to sell or acquire. The price can be negotiated between buyers and sellers through offers and counteroffers. To secure ownership transfer, activities will be carried out by SeedBlink once every three months, streamlining the procedure for investors.

Liquidity was the most sought-after feature for individual investors to diversify their portfolios with startups,” explains SeedBlink founder and Managing Partner Andrei Dudoiu. “Platforms like ours enable retail investors to participate directly in startups backed by VCs as primary transactions. We are contributing to further democratizing the industry by elaborating on secondary investments, also referred to as ‘secondaries,’” he adds.

Dudoiu shares also that the platform’s European tech-exclusive focus and direct negotiation capabilities set it apart from other secondary markets. “Together with a carefully selected pool of investors and tech enthusiasts, our offer consists primarily of VC-backed deal.

SeedBlink has mobilized €2.69 million in startup investing in Bulgaria

European Crowdfunding Service Providers 

In a world where digital disruption is impacting every aspect of life, a coordinated effort could foster the environment that allows European businesses to operate at the size and speed they need to compete.

The uniform ECSP regulation (European Crowdfunding Service Providers), which defines clear procedures around the primary and secondary markets throughout Europe, creates a safe environment for cross-border startup investments. The ECSPR secures Europe’s competitiveness on the world stage by paving the way for the first real European tech market, part of which are Bulgarian startups.

Bulgaria’s startup ecosystem is strengthening at an impressive speed in the past years. More promising tech startups are on the lookout for investments to help them put foot on the global stage. Now, our ECSPR license has helped us bring to life an early liquidity offering to Bulgarian retail investors to give them more flexibility when supporting the local ecosystem,” says Angel Hadjiev, Country Manager Bulgaria at SeedBlink. 

Bulgarian FlatAway is raising €500k to accelerate international expansion

SeedBlink brings unprecedented access for individual investors to make direct investments into curated European early-stage tech companies alongside institutional investors and venture capital funds, at the same terms, both as primary and secondary transactions. It allows individuals to enter with as little as €2,500.

Thanks to its solid collaborations with prominent venture capital firms, including Bulgarian Eleven Ventures, LAUNCHub Ventures, Silverline Capital, and Vitosha Venture Partners, SeedBlink can provide investors with an unrivaled portfolio.

Bulgarian-linked companies which have successfully raised funds through the platform include Dronamics, Alcatraz AI, and QuarkXR. Currently, there is an open investment opportunity for the PropTech FlatAway on the platform.


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