The day has come! Dronamics IPO kicks off today.

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A while ago, we shared with the big news of the upcoming initial public offering (IPO) of the world’s leading middle-mile cargo drone developer and operator a – Dronamics.

Well, the day has come!

Dronamics in a nutshell

Based between Sofia and London, Dronamics was founded in 2014 by the Rangelov brothers, an economist and an aerospace engineer. Since then, the company has spent a few years on R&D and created a working prototype at a 1:4 scale called “The Black Swan“. In the meantime, Dronamics has also received numerous awards for drone innovation and has been funded by Founders Factory, Speedinvest, and Bulgarian VC Eleven.

Dronamics has become the world’s leading middle-mile cargo drone developer and operator and by all means, is one of the most successful Bulgarian startups. In July 2021, Dronamics celebrated a major success by partnering with the logistics giant DHL for middle-mile drone delivery, reaching an agreement with over 40 airports in 13 countries across Europe.

Ready to take off: Bulgarian Dronamics will cooperate with Sofia Airport

IPO of Dronamics Capital

Dronamics aims to raise €3 million (BGN 5,8 million) in an initial public offering (IPO) on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange’s SME growth market BEAM. Dronamics Capital EAD is a branch of the company created with the idea to provide investors with easier access to the startup.

90% of the funds will be invested in the parent company, Dronamics Global Limited, in the form of the standardized investment tool for startups SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity), introduced by the accelerator Y Combinator and established as a benchmark in financing thousands of fast-growing high-tech companies around the world.

In the next round of equity investments in Dronamix, the SAFE is converted into shares of Dronamics Global Limited at a preferential price. The remaining 10% will be used to pay the supply costs and operating costs of the long-term operation of Dronamix Capital EAD.

The new holding comes with a new Board of Directors. Teodora Gerdjikova takes over as a CEO. With her rich experience in the IT field and know-how gathered when working on the expansion of UBER in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, she is for sure a valuable asset for the Dronamics team. Svetlozar Yankov, a lawyer, and Momchil Vasilev, executive director of Endeavor, will support Dronamics as Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Dronamics is selected as partner of DHL for middle-mile drone delivery

How to participate in the IPO?

In order to participate in the initial public offering, you must submit an order for the subscription of shares not later than the end of the call phase on the date of the IPO auction. You can do it remotely or in one of Karoll‘s offices.

Two types of orders can be submitted – limited and market.  In the case of market orders, the priority of execution is the time of their introduction, while for limited orders the priority is the price. Market orders are executed with priority over limit orders. The offering will continue until the quantity of offered shares within the auction is exhausted.

Immediately after the public offering, Dronamics will reveal to the world “Black Swan” – an advanced drone, which will be the most economical cargo aircraft ever created. The presentation of the first full-scale aircraft produced by the company will be broadcast online on December 7 on the company’s YouTube channel.

The presented information is based on the materials published on the official website of Dronamics.


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