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The Bulgarian Tech & Digital Startup Ecosystem: Who is Who in 10 Words

Sofia has evolved to a real startup hub thanks to a lot of private investments and efforts ©Dimitar Karanikolov
Sofia has evolved to a real startup hub thanks to a lot of private investments and efforts © Dimitar Karanikolov

In the past seven years, the Bulgarian IT ecosystem is thriving at a rapid pace. However, it still remains relatively unknown in the global technology scene.

Despite the fact that the country has not produced a unicorn yet, or is not at top of mind when it comes to innovations, there are hundreds of companies providing interesting products and have the potential to disrupt industries and habits.

To help increase the awareness around the Bulgarian tech and digital sector, the team of Referial has partnered with Trending Topics’ newsroom to prepare a list of the local product SMEs and startups, but also other ecosystem players who support their development. The list is published to the Silicon Valley Bulgaria community and is frequently updated.  Some of the companies have already been profiled in Trending Topics, so feel free to clock through their stories by following the button.


Pollenity is opening up to hobby beekeepers and crypto fans.
© Pollenity
  • Agromo — Sofia based company that has developed a mobile and web application for crop monitoring based on analytics from high-resolution optical, IR and radar satellite data with short revisit times.
  • Farmhopping —  an online market for farm products that works with over a hundred Bulgarian farms 
  • Pollenity —  a startup that develops IoT products for beekeepers to help them increase honey production and better manage honeybee business operations
  • Techno Farm — company that has developed geospatial applications focused in the domain of remote sensing

Drones & Spacetech


The Dronamics team at work. © Dronamics
© Dronamics
  • Dronamics — developing a new type of cargo airplane – small, unmanned and fuel efficient. Autonomous, can be monitored and managed remotely via satellite.
  • EnduroSat — engineering of smart and affordable spacecraft for business applications and space exploration missions.
  • fragaX — building unmanned aerial systems (UAS) with maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) from 4kg to 150kg.



Coursedot was founded in 2015 by Teodor Panayotov to be an online marketplace for IT training courses ©Pexels
  • 365 Data Science — an online educational career website
  • CourseDot — marketplace for IT training
  • Open Source University — an academic and career development ledger
  • Shkolo — optimizing school back-end and administrative processes, E-class books 
  • The Tinusaur — educational platform focused on programming, robotics, electronics and modern learning methods, presenting science and technology as interesting and entertaining.
  • — a platform for video lessons on school subjects
  • Worddio — mobile application for passive vocabulary building, above 30 000 installs in more than 170 countries, for a year.
  • – marketplace for online courses and software for management of the teaching process


Entertainment, Gaming, Media


QuarkVR © Trending Topics
QuarkVR © Trending Topics
  • Coherent Labs — creating gaming user interfaces for game studies 
  • Drooble — social network for musicians
  • Evedo — decentralized marketplace and ecosystem for performers, event organizers, venues, attendees and sponsors.
  • FITE — digital entertainment company which allows users to cast video to connected TVs, requiring no setup or additional software
  • iGreet — greeting cards using augmented reality technology
  • Imperia Online (part of Stillfront) — game developer and publisher company
  • MediaHub — IPTV & OTT Platform providing end-to-end solution for online video services delivering content to various end-user devices
  • Rebellious Software — Indie Game Development with first game titled “World of Myths” — a Collectible Card Game
  • Chobolabsmultiplayer games for tablets and smartphones.
  • QuarkVR – developer of video streaming technologies


Fintech allows the instant issuing of digital or physical debit cards for employees. ©Jordan Mihajlov, allows the instant issuing of digital or physical debit cards for employees. ©Jordan Mihajlov,
  • Colibra — crowdsourced blockchain platform for handling insurance claims
  • EvroTrust — one‑off e-identification of natural and legal persons straight from the smart device
  • InChainZ — contact-trading and contact-investing platform on blockchain
  • iuvo — P2P loans investment platform
  • Jarvis — a platform for building a decentralized financial hub 
  • Klear — P2P lending platform
  • — payment solution which helps small businesses deal with expenses
  • Phyre — a platform enabling payments via smartphone on a contactless terminal
  • Reloyalty — instant cashback platform for card payments
  • QaiWare — providing end-to-end solutions for fintech and e-commerce
  • Software Group — global technology company that is specialized in delivery channel and integration solutions for institutions that provide financial services
  • Tradex Social – prototype stage platform for beginner friendly crypto mining & trading,  allows beginners to follow copy more experienced traders 
  • TokenGet — token issuance platform 
  • WeiDex — cryptocurrency exchange platform that does not rely on third-party services to store customer assets or information
  • Xenia Solutions — Card payments expertise, interchange fees and international card-to-card transfers
  • Nexo – spin-off of the CEE loan company Credissimo, Nexo is marketed as the world’s first instant crypto-backed credit lines provider.

HR Tech & Collaboration Management


Noble’s plans sound close to too ambitious, but the core team consists of rather experienced founders who have been around in the ecosystem failing and succeeding since its very beginning, which makes it all more plausible. ©Noble
©Noble Hire
  • Enhancv — SaaS startup built around a web platform for creating modern resumes 
  • Gtmhub — tool to aligning every employee with the corporate purpose (using Objectives and Key Results — OKRs)
  • Hire Heroes — helping IT people find their workplace by using guidance and connections of experienced IT professionals
  • Noble Hire — referral-based job board connecting tech talent with product companies
  • RemoteMore — connects the top 5% remote developers with companies that are hiring
  • Wetonomy — combines blockchain smart contracts and incentive frameworks to helps organizations run by code
  • nPloy – Tinder-like mobile app for jobs browsing
  • Kanbanize — Kanban Software for Lean Management
  • Swipes – project management tool for product teams


IoT, Smart City, Smart Home


© Playground Energy
© Playground Energy
  • AirLief —  developer of an application that monitors air pollution and quality
  • Allterco — focuses on commercial and technical provisions of direct mobile messaging and billing, business mobiles service provisioning and digital marketing and advertising
  • CozZo – food waste management system
  • Develiot – solution for independent monitoring of air quality that runs on LoraWAN network, spin-off of Telelink
  • MClimate — IoT Company whose devices connect you to heating and cooling system
  • Playground Energy — Playground equipment that transforms kinetic into electric energy, spring toys transmit data to enhance urban planning based on users activity
  • Tickey — solution for e-ticketing in public transport


  • Orderadmin –  AI-powered shipping software and warehouse management system for e-commerce retailers.
  • Transmetrics – predictive optimization SaaS for the transport and logistics industry.

Marketing, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence


This is a very long read, we confess, but it will give you the most comprehensive picture of Bulgarian fintech ©Pexels
  • A4everyone — data analytics SaaS, predictive analytical solution to help them with their sales and supply chain forecasts.
  • Browswave — business intelligence and sales tool for online pricing of consumer electronics
  • Damocles Analytics — AI-Assisted Political Research Platform
  • FocusVision — develops market research software from surveys, online focus groups and communities to AI-enabled analysis tools, customers: Procter&Gamble, Ebay/PayPal, Walmart.
  • HyperAspect  – AI products for real-time log analytics & anomaly detection, text extraction
  • Imagifinity — allows for fast making of precise3D scans of people and their use in online shopping, social platforms, virtual reality, sports, health, etc.
  • Leanplum — mobile engagement platform with $ 97 million of funding as of 2018
  • Metrilo — Instant e-commerce analytics, powerful CRM and personalized email marketing all in one place
  • Ontotext — Building Knowledge Graphs to link diverse data, enrich it via text analysis and index it in GraphDB for semantic search
  • Oxxy – drag and drop platform for websites and landing pages building
  • Sensika – solution provider for media monitoring, digital channel performance measurement and data analytics
  • – a platform for AI-powered chatbots
  • Ubitrack — AI-Powered Analytics on Performance During Football Games



Spark already has seven models users can choose from ©Jordan Mihajlov, TrendingTopics
©Jordan Mihajlov, TrendingTopics
  • Avtoikonom – mobile marketplace for car services
  • ElJoy – electric bikes produced in Varna, shared bike station in capital city Sofia
  • eMobility International – holds the two brands Spark (e-car sharing service) and Eldrive (develops charging station infrastructure)
  • Motoretta – manufactures e-scooters in Russe
  • Narcine — innovative, electric scooter for city movement
  • Navigato — B2B and B2C solution for charging infrastructures monitoring and management
  • Parknshare — application for finding and renting parking spaces
  • Sin Cars – racing and electric cars manufacturer
  • TaxiMe – mobility as a service, mobile app for taxi services


Proptech & Real Estate Management


Currently the newest hub Campus X ranks #1 by size ©Alexander Novoselski, Campus X
©Alexander Novoselski, Campus X
  • CoBuilder (Construction) — digitizing the construction industry (Building Information Modelling)
  • Cowork7/24 — a platform with 160+ bookable coworking  in 25 cities on the platform
  • FantasticStay – vacation rental management software
  • Fitsys — sport and wellness club management software
  •  – the company has piloted a data science-based tech solution for real estate agencies to help them serve all incoming leads. It works completely invisible to the buyer, yet answers every inquiry, and always has a relevant offer 
  • Gymrealm – a software solution for management of fitness and sports centers
  • Homeheed – AI powered Real Estate aggregator, 3x less showings, and get 2x more suitable offers
  • Ocenime —  website for analysis of real estate for selling and renting
  • OfficeRnDcoworking management and community management software used by some of the biggest coworking operator brands worldwide
  • Property Club – a platform for real estate crowdfunding
  • PropyEnd-to-end real estate transaction management platform that facilitates safe, fast & simple real estate transactions entirely online

Medtech & Healthtech


  • AYO – blue light therapy glasses that boost energy and improve sleep
  • Bioseek — online search portal for life sciences
  • EuroPATC — provides assistance in protecting children with autism and improving the lives of their families.
  • FindMeCure — online platform allowing every person struggling with a medical condition to access treatments in development
  • Healee — application to connect patients with their doctors digitally
  • Iris — blue light filter and eye protection software
  • Micar 21 — drug discovery in short time — using in silico and Artificial Intelligence
  • Nutrigen — offers individual solutions in the field of Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics based on the unique DNA profile of each individual
  • Printivo — 3D bioprinting startup specialized in the creation of human tissues

Platforms for Developers & IT

  • Appzio — allows full stack developers to create native apps for iOS and Android just from the backend
  • Botron Software — Enterprise-grade add-ons for Jira 
  • Imagga — Image recognition platform, providing tagging APIs to developers
  • StorPool Storage — block storage software solution for public and private clouds
  • Tick42 — tools to integrate desktop applications (glue 42 is the product)




Biometric identification in cars © Biodit Global Technology
  • Amatas — cyber security as a service, partners — Veracode, Darktrace, Smartai
  • Biodit — development of smart biometric access control systems